You Can Become a Millionaire With an Online Home Business?

Sounds a little crazy. That's right that it sounds quite crazy, especially if you look at the number of people who have tried to simply to live with a home business and failed. I say only, not a millionaire "deserve". Search all over the internet that you'll notice that the promises to be done, that you can be a millionaire internet business also. And look at the figures, which promises are not delivered. So how can these people make these promises, get away with such outrageous statements? Because it is true. People do it. Here is another shocker, they don't do it by ripping people off. Right off the top of my head, I can at least a dozen successful online business entrepreneurs who have started with nothing. Don't let me rephrase that, I mean less than nothing, real bad situations such as;

Foreclosure. Bankruptcy. About to be locked up because of problems with paying child support. Money as a result of the i.r.s. I even know of a woman who was on welfare with three children.

I am cutting this short list, very short plus I call no other successful entrepreneurs who had to overcome physical and mental illnesses then started a home business and become a millionaire. How she did it? It Was skill, education and special knowledge of the internet? Maybe they were just plain luck, or a rich relative died and left them some money to the battle. The truth is and I'm just talking about the people who I have studied and come to know during my many years online. Are you ready for the magic formula? Well here it is, something that both you and I have deep inside. Yes, you! Desire, that's it! They just wanted to do it. To tell you the truth, most of them are big dreamers, but at the point where they started. They just wanted to get out of the hole. Wow, its funny the many different stories I've heard of these men and women and everything they wanted to do was just to get out of the hole and now they are a millionaire. That desire was not just a wish, such as hunger and thirst or just a desire to go to the movie. These people had a desire to do what it took to exceed where she wanted to be. Then they just never let go. She had a vision; a vision that she believed in and not care what anyone else thought and said that they just went on and on until they reached their goal. All the people who I'm thinking about, that I have personally met all started off in an online home business. At this point they were the zero and someone else was the hero or top internet marketer.

Now, a personal opinion.

None of the people I write about that, the average amount of time were overnight successes, I would say was between 4 to 8 years (still shorter than becoming a doctor). Nevertheless, within that 4 to 8 years there was enough time to exercise and do things repetitiously. And you know what they say; Repetition is the Creator of success. They then added on top of this repetition, consistency, determination and of course if Napoleon Hill and w. Clement stone would say; Definiteness of purpose. Now here is something that stone and Hill will agree, brain. You will see while we all work from behind a computer screen, we tent to attract and meet like-minded people and the longer we hold the more people we meet, the more people we meet many more ways we have on search and development of things and ideas. Just in case you didn't know. W. clement stone and Napoleon Hill are two each famous and successful entrepreneurs and authors who studied success, how to be a millionaire and wrote about it in their bestselling books that are famous worldwide. In their books they wrote about this kind of people, the exact same kind of people I wrote about. Although they wrote these books, long before all these people are born and before there was an internet or online business. The principles, strategies and concepts are all still the same. So here it is. I don't know what your goals and ambitions.

But I know that Yes, someone who puts in the effort, determination and never, ever quit no matter what, has a great chance of becoming a millionaire. That is if they desire, followed by many other virtues, traits and disciplines that I just couldn't call in this page. Because just as the authors said, they needed book on top of more books to mention them all and I am absolutely certain that if they were still alive today, they would still be writing books, probably on becoming a billionaire. Nevertheless, the point I'm trying to come up with. Is that it is done and it can be done and most importantly. It can be done by you, that is if that is what you desire. and if it is what you desire, how bad you want, what are you willing to do and sacrifice to achieve your goal? Because the bottom line is that it's all up to you.

JosephDiego DiaMante
EX-New York City construction worker
Current Internet entrepreneur & entrepreneurial success Coach
Honest, virtuous, principle based, focus, Purposeful, passionate, committed and enthusiastic.
Powerful honesty is by far my most cherished virtue.
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