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I recently read a headline that said "Search is dead!". This got me thinking about how people work, and why search does not always work. The problem with computers is people can fake them out. Have you ever started looking for something and a whole bunch of websites looked as though they would have what you are looking for are until you click on them and found out they were just a bunch of ads found?

The people who are called together those websites domaineers. What they do is collect domain names that sound similar to things that people looking for quite frequently. Just like a search engine optimization company for industry does, these guys research keywords checkout search criteria and make sure there are plenty of advertising available for them to make money on. the problem is that this situation leads to a violation of trust between people searching and the search engines.

Bing formerly MSN.com had some pretty funny commercials for a while to explain how search has become irrelevant. The problem was that Bing was not better. In the earliest days of the trade was commercial travelers and Word-of-mouth the whole industry of marketing. If your neighbor had a problem and you knew of a product that would could solve you share with them. If you had a product that nobody knew, would you travel from door to door and try to sell it. When I was a small child the fuller brush man who would we had come to our door and giving away a free brush in the hope of a big order. Today just about everyone I know has a no soliciting sign on the door.

Fortunately for those of us in business technology has also found solutions to these problems. Word-of-mouth advertising is improved through social media networks. If you have something really cool that solves many of the problems of citizens can go viral quickly via social media. This is like Word-of-mouth and hyperdrive. The problem, of course, is if you grew that message can be sent from and hyper drive also.

Door-to-door sales has changed to appropriate internet marketing. Just like the old door to door salesman fight off the image of the snake oil salesman, have good Internet marketers had to fight off the image of "Black Hat" Internet marketers and domaineers. Fortunately, there are a whole series of sub search systems out there. When I say a sub search system which I speak about a Web site that evaluates listing one way or the other, reviews and other methods used to ensure that the domaineers stay out.

Doman years have such a bad name with the Internet, is that there is not even a mention on Wikipedia. If you Google, you will find various Web sites try to sell you products to teach you how to setup a domaineer. The fact of the matter is there are several important players which pretty much control of the market today. If you try to use the Internet as your door to door selling tool and reach potential customers that you have to fight for the trust that was violated by the boys.

There are several websites that people are now using for searching to treat headaches circumvent the domaineers website. The big three right now are probably Google places, yelp and foursquare. All of these sites use check in, geo-targeting and reviews to prevent a domaineer from getting a listing. Keep active in these sites is becoming a critical element of any Internet marketing campaign, regardless of what your company does.

The people who are hurt most by this process are those small entrepreneurs who work from home. As a small business owner who from home Gets a mailbox address at a service center works, they can still have difficulty getting a list of these sites. Fortunately, there are executive business centers that are only slightly more expensive than a mailbox and you get an address in a real building.

If you go out and build your Internet presence campaign to get your business noticed and use of the Internet as your door to door salesman, verify that you reach out in the places where your customers can be found.

The best part about the door-to-door sales via the Internet, is that it's fun to participate with the sites can be. They are really a combination of Word-of-mouth marketing and door-to-door sales. Users can tell their friends when they find something they really want. Companies are also allowed to post information including discount coupons that are displayed for users at the right time. This process creates a potential new customer and is very accurate.

Overlooking the small corners of technology on the Internet can be a critical error when trying to grow business. Your customers ask how they find you and make sure you are there every time. When you hear someone say that they tried to find you and couldn't, ask them where and be there.

Building your business using a well thought out internet marketing and Internet presence can program an excellent way to get new customers and keep in touch with your existing customers. When you those things put together with good service and good products, you build relationships that last in a company that prosperous.

Set your sights on the growth of your business and connect with your customers in 2011.

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Scott Bourquin runs an internet marketing company and helps small businesses find a focus for success.