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Most people consider marketing a mysterious process that only professionals can master. Not so! Marketing is something that you do every day. Remember: you've probably talked to people about your company, maybe you told them a funny story or your customers. Maybe you want a little bragged about how great your product or service truly is. What do you think? You were placing on the ... Here are a few ways to get free or cheap instant marketing, direct:

1. your signature materials. These are the pieces that you represent exclusively. They immediately familiarise your customer with your brand, your offer and your value proposition. Some of these include your business cards, a color and black/white headshot of you, and a bio that you can include on your website, your press kit or send along with proposals to potential customers.

2. your press kit. This is more interesting (and informative) than a brochure, and it makes you look better prepared in the eyes of your prospects. Things to record his press releases, background information about your company, and testimonials. Click here for my "Help! I need a press kit! "article.

3. your website. First, determine what you want to do for you (Get leads? A shopping center of your products and services? Serve as a community of discussion?), and then design it with that purpose in mind. Your website must lead your visitor to take an action. Call it a-banana-marketing. The confused mind always says no, so give your visitors to take one or two actions. Otherwise, they will leave without action.

4. your Online presence. Are you a giver or a taker? You participate in online networks such as MySpace or Ecademy and constantly bombard people to buy this, that subscribe, listen to this business opportunity? Stop! Don't YOU hate it when people come to you from that "gimme" mentality? Employers get. So first contributions. Post in forums, comment on blogs, suggestions, questions (without expectations or turning to a sales-y, pitchy thing. People can smell ulterior motive.

5. your press releases. Is the value of a press release completely dependent of your message. It must be timely and interesting, and it should not be advertising. Make it a habit to send at least two press releases per month via free distribution services such as PR, PR Web, or free E-Relases. Others, such as PR Newswire, very well known in the industry, but cost money. You can press releases not only to media attention, but want to include in your marketing materials, post on your shop window, or even use a poster blow-up at a conference or trade show. The possibilities are endless.

6. and the winner is ... Have you ever considered giveaways? Remember, people buy from people. Every gift you give your customers buys face time with u. and reciprocity is an important force in human interaction. It is a great way to create a natural relationship. Giving away samples of your product, or a free consultation, or a thoughtful gift. For example, when I did private one-on-one coaching, I used to send gifts to my clients for their birthdays based on the preferences that they mentioned in their "Get to Know You" worksheet or she has filled in when she went to work with me. She had no idea how I remembered such details of them, until I told them. She got a great gift that they enjoy, and I got customer loyalty and goodwill. Everyone wins.

7. Talk still work. Everyone hates getting a sales conversation during dinner, but phone calls can be a great boon for your company if you do it right. First determine why you are calling (a sale? To get people to appear on an event? Arrange an appointment? Getting referrals?). Then determine who you call--and realistic. Be conscious of gatekeepers and decision makers. Then write your script. I know it doesn't sound fair, but you'll feel better prepared and free to ad lib, you have a basic script to go through--and you won't be wasting time on the phone (or reluctant) by "not knowing what to say." Always follow afterwards, even if the answer is no, not yet, not ever, maybe later, etc. Always have something to invite people: sign up for your newsletter, get on your VIP mailing list, etc. And make it easy for them to say yes to you.

8. who is on your Team? Joint venture partnerships can hugely lucrative, if you build them right. Suppose to sell food products and having to Bally's Fitness if your joint venture partner highly recommend your products to their 50,000 + mailing list. Be very deliberate about creating joint ventures with companies in industries where the collateral the same audience, and even competitors. And when in doubt, go to your Mastermind Team!

9. leverage. What marketing tactics you in service, follow these two simple rules: first, never ever one-on-one market. It's just simply not an effective use of your time. Nowadays I only go to networking events because I like the people there, not because I expected to get all clients. It makes it more of a pleasant surprise as I do, and it lets me free to enjoy my time without an agenda. Secondly, testing and measuring your marketing so you know what works and what doesn't work. What works and eliminate what not tweak or duplicate.

Before you know it, your marketing will be filled with home runs in no time.

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