Gaga Over Google AdSense!

Google AdSense has taken the world by storm. Now the little guy get a slice of big profits. But exactly how one would go about generating revenue from it? This article is designed to help you to decide which type of web page to make the largest profits — one that will realize.

First, you must choose a theme where there is at least some competition. I.e., if you choose a family history Web page, you can only AdSense ads in your Genealogy-boxes. This can be very low paying ads and hardly worth it. Before building a Web page you should check and see how many people pay for a particular type of ad. To this end-PC will give you an idea how much advertisers in Overture Bidbrowser, and you can pay distract or take an educated guess on AdSense.

But is finding the highest paying keyword is the best way to build a page around? Consider the point that there may be so much competition that your web page may never see the light of day. If nobody ever reads your site, you have no clicks, hence no income. No, the money-making truth lies somewhere in the middle. You must define a topic that competition is low enough that people actually on search engines, but also high enough competition will find that you get what money from advertisers.

A neat program called ' sleuth ' keyword you can find alternative keywords that are still very wanted still low in competition. Other programs do similar functions.

6 or so subjects find that you find a nice balance between competition and reward. Now how do you build a web page which will give some new slant on the topic?

Your web page should really unique? Perhaps you could an interesting page or two about the topic along with some left writing. For example, maybe you want to write a site on stock market trading. If you've ever been in the stock market you could write a real life trading experience. Make it exciting, while truthful. What led you invest? What stocks you trade and why? You earn or lose some money? Do you have any advice to give to new investors? You could find a few links for free security officers or any other tool that would be useful? You are not special techniques-humorous in service or not?

You see, it doesn't have to be about making millions with your trading system, can be a funny life experience that we all can learn from.

Thanks for reading and I hope you soon to launch your profitable company

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Earn money while Social Networking-new Facebook Marketplace Guide!

Facebook first introduced the Marketplace application in mid 2007 as a way for people to post classified listings on the site. Now Facebook has launched its new, updated Marketplace. This time the Marketplace is powered by a company with a funny name, Oodle. Despite the name they are a big online classifieds company founded by former Excite and eBay executives. Oodle has built a completely new version of the Marketplace focused on giving people a place to buy, sell or give things away to the people they know.

This Facebook Marketplace Guide is a practical Step-By-Step Guide for all of you who want to learn how to sell your items effectively on the new Facebook Marketplace. Using the Facebook Marketplace you can sell, give away, buy, ask or search for anything you want. You can also use the Marketplace to support your favourite charities by selling your unwanted goods for a good cause. Additionally, you can see what your friends are buying and/or selling.

Facebook users can post their Marketplace listings free of charge. Your listings will be viewable to millions of Facebook Marketplace users worldwide. If you have previously used the old Facebook Marketplace, you should see it bookmarked in the lower left hand corner of your monitor. And, if you had active listings in the old Marketplace, you should be given the option to transfer them to the new Facebook Marketplace. If you have not used the Facebook Marketplace application before, you can find it here:

Ok, let's get down to business. As I mentioned, this is a

Step-By-Step Guide how to sell in the Facebook Marketplace effectively

So, here we go:

Step 1 - Take a Photo

Grab your digital camera and take a nice close-up picture of the item that you wish to sell. It is best to shoot against a light, solid background. Transfer your photo to your computer as a JPG-file. If your item is something that can't be presented with a photo, don't worry, you can still get it listed.

Step 2 - Log On

Log on to your Facebook account and fire up the Marketplace application. Just click the Applications menu in the lower left hand corner of your screen and choose Marketplace. You are greeted with the Marketplace welcome screen.

You have four main options at your disposal:

Sell It Sell for a Cause Give It Away and Ask for It

In this guide we are concentrating on the Selling-for-Money side of things, so you may leave the screen as it is and write a short description of your item in the box where it says "Sell something to make extra cash." When you click the box it will change into "Yourname" is selling. Write your main headline for the listing here. After writing your headline description, click the blue Post-button.

Step 3 - Write Your Advertisement

After you have written your headline for the listing you are presented with a new screen with more options related to your listing. Write a punch line type of a description in the box "Why are you selling it". You could write "I need money to buy more stuff." but, even though it might be the case, I don't think it would get your listing noticed. Consider this space as your sub headline for the ad. Write this description like you were working in an advertising company. Or, if you feel more conservative, just describe your item as funky as possible. You have two lines to hit the point.

Next, state your asking price in the Price-box. You know what its worth.

Write your location. This is a must. Just write in your city.

Choose a category for your item. At the time of writing this book, there are only the following 13 categories available:

Baby & Kid Stuff Books & Magazines Cars & Vehicles Clothes & Accessories Collectibles Computers & Accessories Electronics Furniture Home and Garden Musical Instruments Sporting Goods, Bicycles & Equipment Tickets Everything Else

If you can't find a suitable category for your item, you can always choose Everything Else, however it is not a very good category to be listed under.

In the next box you can provide a wider description of your item. Here you have more room than just two lines. Describe your item with as much detail as you can. You know, size, colour, condition,.. those sort of things. But, don't stress yourself too much with this; you can always change it later. Once you have created the best advertising text ever, hit the Browse-button to locate your photo from your computer, USB stick or where ever you think you saved it in Step 1. Yes, I know, I can never find my images either. Don't panic though, you have time to locate it; the screen isn't going anywhere.

You found it? Good! Actually, you can upload two photos if you wish. For instance if you are selling a book, it is a good idea to upload both front and back covers. You can upload even more images later on, but for the sake of this exercise, one is enough.

Tick the Terms of Use-box and click the Submit-button.

Step 4 - Rather Unnecessary Step

The next screen has your details on it and your only option is to click the Continue-button. I really don't know why this screen exists, but since it does all we can do is click the button.

Step 5 - Publishing

Next you will get a screen asking if you want to publish this listing in your own Facebook profile. This is a good idea. You will get a choice for a Full, Short or a One Line description. I would recommend you'd choose the Short-option. You may tick the Always do this for Marketplace-box if you wish to use this same option every time you list something. So, if you wish to publish this listing on your profile, click the Publish-button, but if you only want it to appear in the Facebook Marketplace, choose the No, Thanks-button.

Step 6 - Promotion

This step is your first chance to advertise your new listing. This is also a good idea. You can Recruit Friends to Promote your Listing in their News Feed. You can add up to 5 of your friends by clicking on their pictures. You can also choose them by writing their names in the Find Friends-box. Once you have chosen your friends who might be interested in promoting your listing, click the Send Request-button; or if you don't want to bother your friends this time, choose Skip.

Step 7 - Personal Marketing Message

You will be presented a confirmation screen with your details. You can add a personal message to this post by clicking the blue Add Personal Message-hotlink. If you don't want to add your personal message, just click the Send-button. You also can cancel this message altogether by clicking Cancel.

Step 8 - Done!

Congratulations! You have listed your first item on the Facebook Marketplace. Listings take approximately 30 minutes to be included in the search index.

You will be presented with the screen titled "Manage My Listing: Active". Here you can review your listing and, if you wish to make any changes click the Edit Details-hotlink in the light green bar. You can also delete your listing as well as promote your listing with a Facebook Ad. I will not get into details how to produce Facebook Ads in this book. That topic, among many other good ones, will be fully covered in my Facebook Advertising Guide.

That's it, you've done it! Good work! Thank you for reading so far.

Additional, Good to Know Stuff:

Editing Your Listing

You can easily edit your listings after you have published them. Just click the Edit Details-hotlink on the screen mentioned in the Manage My Listing -page, and you will get pretty much the same screen as when you were writing the listing in the first place. You can change every detail of your listing here as well as upload more images if you wish. It is a good idea to show as many images as you can.

After you have made your changes in this panel click the Submit-button to get your listing updated. You will again be presented with a useless confirmation screen as seen. Just ignore it, and click the Continue-button.

Next, you will be asked if you wish to publish this updated listing on your Facebook profile as in Step 6. You may choose to publish again, or you may just click the No, Thanks-button.

Finally, you will see your updated listing on the "Manage My Listing"- screen.

Managing Your Facebook Marketplace Listings

You can easily manage all of your Facebook Marketplace listings in one convenient location. If you click the My Listings-hotlink in the Marketplace menu, you will see your current listings. This is your place to manage all your listings. You can add more listings, edit them and after you have sold your items you can delete them.

As I mentioned earlier, you can also sell your items for a cause or you can give them away for free (don't know why, but you can). You can also find something you need for yourself. These functions are not covered in this book, but I'm sure you'll manage them with the principles covered here.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this Facebook Marketplace Guide. I wish you luck in selling your stuff through Facebook. I sold my first item, an awesome Jimi Hendrix Wah-Wah guitar pedal in just 3 days.

Best regards,

Kris Olin, MscBa, marketing

This Facebook Marketplace Guide is also available as a fully illustrated PDF-version

You can download it FREE:

Kris Olin is a Web Designer from Brisbane, Australia specialised in Web 2.0, SEO, Digital Publishing, Social Media Marketing and Internet Promotion Strategies. Kris also does company consultations, training and provides website hosting solutions. Website:

Viral Marketing Tips 101

Viral Marketing-overview

What is viral marketing and how you can build and expand your business?

Viral marketing is a marketing concept, designed to market your business, service or product, exponentially, without your involvement, once it is set up. One of the earliest viral marketing campaigns on the internet was Hotmail. A pretty successful viral marketing campaign, don't you think? Hotmail of viral marketing campaign was pretty simple. They have a small text blurb, with link, at the bottom of every email that is sent from the Hotmail email service that people sign up for their own e-mail account included asked.

Each type of marketing that is designed to encourage people to pass along the message can be considered viral. It is a marketing campaign that via mouth grows. Another example that you see used a lot in the internet marketing niche is that of special reports in PDF-format or simple software tools that people can use.

Internet marketers to encourage even these reports or programs are passed by people "brand" them. In other words, they can also their affiliate links for each product sales that could arise from this free viral marketing tools or reports and they'll get a Commission for each of these sales. Of course, a monetary stimulus if this will motivate people passing along the software, game, report, etc. to others to check out.

The concept of viral marketing is that people like the content they will pass it on to their friends and family, or a cool flash game, funny video, amusing story etc., who can pass to another. Information about the company, a specific product, etc., usually with a link to a website is included in the viral "product".

Viral marketing has become a popular means of advertising and marketing because it can be a no cost or very cheap way of marketing and when you're on a winner, like Hotmail hit, your company can explode almost overnight.

Using Viral Marketing for your business

A successful viral marketing campaign will make in instant buzz about your company, and not to mention more customers and sales. With a little ingenuity and imagination, plus some incentives or prizes, you can reach a large number of people and announce your existence.

All you need is an idea that people would want to pass it on to their friends and family.

Gregg Gillies has been running a business successfully online fitness for four years as well as mentoring students over two years about building their own Internet businessess. He teaches the basics such as business planning, niche selection, and setting up a website, right through to advanced techniques such as creating your own products, build your list, and build your own internet Empire that automatically creates income. Check out his free report "learn how you can quickly and easily start your own Online business on a shoe String Budget profit Pulling ASAP, that on autopilot and you earn a Six-Figure income running!" on

Working from Home-How to Make Money with YouTube!

Who does not know YouTube? Every day, millions go to YouTube videos. If you create a video could effectively, you could create a significant amount of money. Now you must be wondering what kind of videos could make me money. We will explain below.

Lets assume you already have a business online. You could make a video related to your company and your URL on it. Then you upload it to YouTube and every time someone sees your video, they will also see your website. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Also, if you are selling something on your website, you could have a video telling people about it, show your best prices and products. Talk about your company (if you have one) and their advantages. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a video you have 2 possibilities: you can outsource; You can find people to talk on your video on websites such as To write your second option if the main ideas on the video. You won t ´ needed to talk on the video.

The main business attraction to make money on YouTube is not, but getting traffic to your business. If you are not good at making videos, then you look for a professional would be able to do it for you.

What if I don't have a company promoting?

Ever heard about affiliate marketing? If not, let me explain you: you promote other people's products in exchange for a Commission. Every time you sell a product, you get a percentage of the total sales. There are a lot of people make money with this system and it ´ s not difficult to understand. You can also do.

About the videos, try to be original and creative. You can copyright free videos, but if you use your own videos (creative, original or funny come) you could get much more attention.

The honest way

A lot of money can be made on the internet. It is not difficult once you know how things work. Of course, you must have a sound program to follow. If you're serious about changing your life on the internet, go to my website []

You will learn everything through Step-by-step videos.

Questions, or for more information contact me via email:

A quick idea to help your Online Marketing that Is free!

I recently read a headline that said "Search is dead!". This got me thinking about how people work, and why search does not always work. The problem with computers is people can fake them out. Have you ever started looking for something and a whole bunch of websites looked as though they would have what you are looking for are until you click on them and found out they were just a bunch of ads found?

The people who are called together those websites domaineers. What they do is collect domain names that sound similar to things that people looking for quite frequently. Just like a search engine optimization company for industry does, these guys research keywords checkout search criteria and make sure there are plenty of advertising available for them to make money on. the problem is that this situation leads to a violation of trust between people searching and the search engines.

Bing formerly had some pretty funny commercials for a while to explain how search has become irrelevant. The problem was that Bing was not better. In the earliest days of the trade was commercial travelers and Word-of-mouth the whole industry of marketing. If your neighbor had a problem and you knew of a product that would could solve you share with them. If you had a product that nobody knew, would you travel from door to door and try to sell it. When I was a small child the fuller brush man who would we had come to our door and giving away a free brush in the hope of a big order. Today just about everyone I know has a no soliciting sign on the door.

Fortunately for those of us in business technology has also found solutions to these problems. Word-of-mouth advertising is improved through social media networks. If you have something really cool that solves many of the problems of citizens can go viral quickly via social media. This is like Word-of-mouth and hyperdrive. The problem, of course, is if you grew that message can be sent from and hyper drive also.

Door-to-door sales has changed to appropriate internet marketing. Just like the old door to door salesman fight off the image of the snake oil salesman, have good Internet marketers had to fight off the image of "Black Hat" Internet marketers and domaineers. Fortunately, there are a whole series of sub search systems out there. When I say a sub search system which I speak about a Web site that evaluates listing one way or the other, reviews and other methods used to ensure that the domaineers stay out.

Doman years have such a bad name with the Internet, is that there is not even a mention on Wikipedia. If you Google, you will find various Web sites try to sell you products to teach you how to setup a domaineer. The fact of the matter is there are several important players which pretty much control of the market today. If you try to use the Internet as your door to door selling tool and reach potential customers that you have to fight for the trust that was violated by the boys.

There are several websites that people are now using for searching to treat headaches circumvent the domaineers website. The big three right now are probably Google places, yelp and foursquare. All of these sites use check in, geo-targeting and reviews to prevent a domaineer from getting a listing. Keep active in these sites is becoming a critical element of any Internet marketing campaign, regardless of what your company does.

The people who are hurt most by this process are those small entrepreneurs who work from home. As a small business owner who from home Gets a mailbox address at a service center works, they can still have difficulty getting a list of these sites. Fortunately, there are executive business centers that are only slightly more expensive than a mailbox and you get an address in a real building.

If you go out and build your Internet presence campaign to get your business noticed and use of the Internet as your door to door salesman, verify that you reach out in the places where your customers can be found.

The best part about the door-to-door sales via the Internet, is that it's fun to participate with the sites can be. They are really a combination of Word-of-mouth marketing and door-to-door sales. Users can tell their friends when they find something they really want. Companies are also allowed to post information including discount coupons that are displayed for users at the right time. This process creates a potential new customer and is very accurate.

Overlooking the small corners of technology on the Internet can be a critical error when trying to grow business. Your customers ask how they find you and make sure you are there every time. When you hear someone say that they tried to find you and couldn't, ask them where and be there.

Building your business using a well thought out internet marketing and Internet presence can program an excellent way to get new customers and keep in touch with your existing customers. When you those things put together with good service and good products, you build relationships that last in a company that prosperous.

Set your sights on the growth of your business and connect with your customers in 2011.

Visit http://www.mobileconnectmarketing.comfor more quick tips on marketing your business online.

Scott Bourquin runs an internet marketing company and helps small businesses find a focus for success.

Freelancing: Start A Home Based Business!

The beginning stages of any business is always a challenge and a home based business is no exception. Start is always difficult. However, I have found from experience that if you love what you do, the less of a task than it is a fun. When your tasks are done with passion, you'll hardly feel all stress or hard work in. This is the first thing to consider. What you want may not really be where the money is. But it is something that doesn't give you a heart attack on the long term.

Instead of continuing until late into the night agonizing over how to create a simple work that seemed difficult done, it is better to follow your heart. Do what you really want; what you are passionate about and what make you feel happy. As a beginner, can be clouded your decision at this time. Here are some pointers to direct your thought.

What you need to do first

When a company is mentioned, many of us begin to imagine what a great idea and we aspire to. No! It begins within us. What do you enjoy every day do? What skills do you use every day that you can do with so much convenience? If you're a good home organizer, you can consider a home business start organizing. You may have to make home decorating consultations online and your company to expand from there. If you're so great in parenting and caring for children, consider starting a daycare center. If your friends tell you that you are so funny, put it in your favor and enrich your Pocket; become a MC and services around that offer. The list could go on as long you need.

Jane was a friend of mine and she loved anything to do with her nomination. She her friends her free plates and I encouraged her to open a hairdressing salon. Now more than 3 hair salon branches in the city they never had the idea to reach such a huge achievement.

What are you currently working well in? Stop thinking about to acquire new skills or going back to school; that could eat of your years! Look within yourself. There must be something that gives you joy do, there it is. Developing, with a little creativity you can fold and monetize it.

I loved the internet and can spend hours surfing for fun; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, watching video on YouTube and chatting with friends. In fact I did it for months before I realized that I was only wasting my time in the name of fun. Now the fun is still there, but it comes with a rich bag too.

Here is your chance to stop wasting your time with the most thing you enjoy doing. There must be a way to earn it. Be creative, think business and see the money comes without losing your enjoyment. When your passion of each task is a separate work and stretches of the day. Focus on what you enjoy most!

Freelance is one of the growing industries which have considerable influence in all areas of human endeavor. While this service has a long history, many establishments, start businesses, companies and individuals come to realize the usefulness of outsourcing services and agents. Top Freelance journal offers freelance tools, advice and resources you need to start and run a freelance sparkling career.

Graphic and Web design-a good way to make money Online!

Importance of Web designs

Are you a skilled graphic or Web Designer with all those creative and innovative ideas stuffed in your brain, but not getting the rewards and recognition you deserve? Then the best idea to en-cash your skills online via a nicely designed website for the promotion of your services. There is a huge requirement of web designers all over the world as almost a million of websites are added to the World Wide Web everyday. Web and graphic design service is inevitable for those site owners. So use your skills to earn a large fortune making yourself available online.

Logo designs

Logo designs, web designs, graphic designs are all part of web designing services. Like most websites promote the business or organization of the site owner, the logos are very important. They must be original and unique as they accept the identity of the particular Web site. The logos must be effective enough to attract the target audience traffic for that website. You may add some of the best examples designed by you that will be good for your expertise. The best way to capture the eyes of the customers is to both the lively and sober samples in the catalog.

Graphic designs

Graphics are the real important instruments for a website to lure visitors and those who engage with the site. Since the competition is very tough in the online market has grown, the modern graphics and catchy enough to fight with other strong contenders. The online gaming sites, educational site s look often for up-to-date images in their website. You can squeeze out of a lot of money by providing custom graphic designs of services provided them sufficient communicative and expressive your designs attract the targeted Web traffic.

Web Site designs

The more attractive your Web site the more the chances of growth of your business. So there is a huge potential for you to use your skills and to build the websites so unique as possible. You can create a large number of programming techniques such as JavaScript, Php, flash, HTML etc when designing the website. But the website should be easily navigable and user friendly so that the visitors up in the pages can easily countries wherever they like. You can also some boxes where visitors are free to express their feelings about the products and services that will the site has to offer.

Animation as part of Web Designing

Animated characters and displays are the extra features of the websites. They that extra interest in adding the site looks and standing up. Often prefer the site owners their sites too funny and catchy so it attracts the eyes of all users. The games, poker, kids sites are the top endorsers of the animated characters in their site. So be ready with the monsters that GIF and flash animations contain. The 2D and 3d video animations are also very striking.

How good Is the payment

The payment structure is very good for the Web designers. You can choose for payment on the basis of per page or an hourly basis. The charges vary according to the equality of the page templates, background, layout, type, logos and images added added etc. About each finished page can be charged $ 200 to $ 400. Hourly rates range from $ 60 to $ 80. Yes you can get some discount on the rates for the non-profit and charitable organizations sites offer. Care for the technical support available for free so that the customers feel secure while buying your services.

Author Michael Swift [] represents. This is a great forum where anyone can learn how to earn money online [], with or without a website or blog.

Make money by Online sale of clothing!

Online businesses are so much and now it is up to you according to your interest and your assets that you want to select for your future business opportunities. Selection of business field must be realistic and it must be according to your choice because your company progress depends on your interest and your attention.

In my point of view, all-online businesses looking for attention and if you're really creative and interested in your company so 100% success is yours. Success of any online business depends on marketing your online work or are your online products or whether its your website, where you wait for visitors that they will come, check and things of your online ordering website.

Make money through selling clothes online, it is really a great idea but marketing your online store is necessary. Setting up your online clothing store and marketing through banners and images supplied and to upload them to google adsense or upload them to your own free website/blog is really the best idea to promote your online clothing store and attract the world people to your website online catalog via advertisement. The best form of advertising is through word-of-mouth-so if you can design some really funny or cool t-shirt designs, you should be able to get a lot of interest in your store.

Also you money on the online clothing stores by selling your own images and logo designs. If you are especially experienced in creating logos or images, maybe you talented with Photoshop or are very artistic or creative, you would be suitable for making money from your creations. Uses your creation using that market places on the clothing shops, you can set a price or earn a Commission based on each item sold. This can be a great way of making money, if you are able to create some cool images.

If your website has become really famous online clothing store, traffic you have attracted by means of marketing your online store will also give you profit in a way that you can google adsense on your website heavy traffic online store, this way you can also earn from Google AdSense. Making money online from the sale of clothes can be a very exciting and interesting opportunity. Not only it is completely free to do, which means that there is absolutely no risk, but it can be a very lucrative form of additional income.

The providers of online shop take care of everything involved in the sale of clothing, such as printing of the logo on the clothes, packaging, invoicing and delivery of the goods. Making money online from the website of the Bookstore online clothing will definitely worth it if you are very creative and artistic person. Not only can you shop and sell your own apparel with your designs on the market, but you can also to advertise.

I am a freelance writer, I can write articles and web content for your website too.

Contact person: visit for more tricks to earn money online Make Money Online

Instant Marketing free or cheap!

Most people consider marketing a mysterious process that only professionals can master. Not so! Marketing is something that you do every day. Remember: you've probably talked to people about your company, maybe you told them a funny story or your customers. Maybe you want a little bragged about how great your product or service truly is. What do you think? You were placing on the ... Here are a few ways to get free or cheap instant marketing, direct:

1. your signature materials. These are the pieces that you represent exclusively. They immediately familiarise your customer with your brand, your offer and your value proposition. Some of these include your business cards, a color and black/white headshot of you, and a bio that you can include on your website, your press kit or send along with proposals to potential customers.

2. your press kit. This is more interesting (and informative) than a brochure, and it makes you look better prepared in the eyes of your prospects. Things to record his press releases, background information about your company, and testimonials. Click here for my "Help! I need a press kit! "article.

3. your website. First, determine what you want to do for you (Get leads? A shopping center of your products and services? Serve as a community of discussion?), and then design it with that purpose in mind. Your website must lead your visitor to take an action. Call it a-banana-marketing. The confused mind always says no, so give your visitors to take one or two actions. Otherwise, they will leave without action.

4. your Online presence. Are you a giver or a taker? You participate in online networks such as MySpace or Ecademy and constantly bombard people to buy this, that subscribe, listen to this business opportunity? Stop! Don't YOU hate it when people come to you from that "gimme" mentality? Employers get. So first contributions. Post in forums, comment on blogs, suggestions, questions (without expectations or turning to a sales-y, pitchy thing. People can smell ulterior motive.

5. your press releases. Is the value of a press release completely dependent of your message. It must be timely and interesting, and it should not be advertising. Make it a habit to send at least two press releases per month via free distribution services such as PR, PR Web, or free E-Relases. Others, such as PR Newswire, very well known in the industry, but cost money. You can press releases not only to media attention, but want to include in your marketing materials, post on your shop window, or even use a poster blow-up at a conference or trade show. The possibilities are endless.

6. and the winner is ... Have you ever considered giveaways? Remember, people buy from people. Every gift you give your customers buys face time with u. and reciprocity is an important force in human interaction. It is a great way to create a natural relationship. Giving away samples of your product, or a free consultation, or a thoughtful gift. For example, when I did private one-on-one coaching, I used to send gifts to my clients for their birthdays based on the preferences that they mentioned in their "Get to Know You" worksheet or she has filled in when she went to work with me. She had no idea how I remembered such details of them, until I told them. She got a great gift that they enjoy, and I got customer loyalty and goodwill. Everyone wins.

7. Talk still work. Everyone hates getting a sales conversation during dinner, but phone calls can be a great boon for your company if you do it right. First determine why you are calling (a sale? To get people to appear on an event? Arrange an appointment? Getting referrals?). Then determine who you call--and realistic. Be conscious of gatekeepers and decision makers. Then write your script. I know it doesn't sound fair, but you'll feel better prepared and free to ad lib, you have a basic script to go through--and you won't be wasting time on the phone (or reluctant) by "not knowing what to say." Always follow afterwards, even if the answer is no, not yet, not ever, maybe later, etc. Always have something to invite people: sign up for your newsletter, get on your VIP mailing list, etc. And make it easy for them to say yes to you.

8. who is on your Team? Joint venture partnerships can hugely lucrative, if you build them right. Suppose to sell food products and having to Bally's Fitness if your joint venture partner highly recommend your products to their 50,000 + mailing list. Be very deliberate about creating joint ventures with companies in industries where the collateral the same audience, and even competitors. And when in doubt, go to your Mastermind Team!

9. leverage. What marketing tactics you in service, follow these two simple rules: first, never ever one-on-one market. It's just simply not an effective use of your time. Nowadays I only go to networking events because I like the people there, not because I expected to get all clients. It makes it more of a pleasant surprise as I do, and it lets me free to enjoy my time without an agenda. Secondly, testing and measuring your marketing so you know what works and what doesn't work. What works and eliminate what not tweak or duplicate.

Before you know it, your marketing will be filled with home runs in no time.

Monikah Ogando, Business Coach j. ' The entrepreneur's explosion Coach ' is a dynamic speaker, a charismatic coach and a no non-sense strategist. If you love the issue today, you'll love this step-by-step course, the most complete and fun guide to creating a business plan that makes you M0NEY guaranteed. Leaves are--table of contents and reader reviews now on

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Make Profit Online - The Beginner's Guide!

If you are a beginner looking to make profit online, don't be frustrated, I am going to help you.

I understand you perfectly. I used to be in your boots too. Seeking topics such as make money online, business opportunities, or home based business...can became an endless task. You get millions of results literally. On beginning, it could be funny, but after first hours you start to get dizzy. You don't know who to believe in.

BE CAREFUL! Internet is full of false "gurus"

It is so sad as true. Because it is very easy and cheap (even free) to get a blog, site, or network article, and write anything, there are tons of false gurus offering all kind of scams, swindle, and false get rich schemes. Actually it is very easy to be hidden behind a computer screen. Unfortunately old values as honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, honor or prestige are not on fashion these days anyway.

Of course, there are some experts promoting genuine sites, but these are not majority. So, if you are not experienced on Internet business, please let me help you to separate weed from lawn.


NEVER buy an e-book, learning program or course, before you do your work. You have to research about the seller first. You can do it, by searching on engines, forums or sites dedicated to that, as Ripoff Report or BBB. NEVER believe in Get Rich Fast schemes. Period. If you want to succeed in Internet, you need to learn and work. There are not shortcuts here. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a part time or full time income, only well trained marketers make profit online. Luck is not a factor on Internet business. Now I am going to tell you something you don't want to hear. Sorry, but I must tell you anyway. Distrusts of free learning programs or e-books. These are not for you now if you are a beginner. Most of free e-books are very poor in content, but even you would pick the good ones up, it will be a waste of time for you now. You need a "full package learning program", I mean you need to get all the basics and tools in one place. Then you can complete your education learning from other sources too. But beware, not all paid programs are good either. Once you have all your ideas in order, and you have decided what learning company you have chosen to start learning with...TAKE ACTION. You should start learning and almost immediately you can and should start on business too. There is not better way to learn and go forward that put in practice what learned as quick as possible. Please, don't enter to "paralysis of analysis club". Enter to "taking action fast club" Learn and work smart way, by following steps of successful people.

Anyone can make profit online, Internet is plenty of good opportunities just for those that are ready to take them. Take a decision, start learning, take action and NEVER GIVE UP, and success is guaranteed.

PS.- The only way to succeed is failing. Don't be scared, Internet can be very profitable, and funny.

This is Michael M. Wiseman, traditional entrepreneur, marketer and internet business specialist. If interested to start a new career online, and learn how to build a Profitable Internet Business, I strongly recommend to visit [] where you´ll find very valuable information.

Internet Business is a new world for the most of people, anyone that really want to make profit online, HAVE TO LEARN how this new world works. It is not only a very lucrative opportunity, but it is GREAT LIFESTYLE too.

Remember that you also can Make Profit Online and start enjoying a new lifestyle doing business in underwear!

The Home Income Online Opportunity - Here is Your Key to the Kingdom!

The Home Online Income Opportunity: Build yourself many different revenue streams that will keep you and your family well cared for even in the worse economic times.

Irene Peter once said, "Anyone who thinks there's safety in numbers hasn't looked at the stock market pages."

The safest place for you is alone. Let the teeming herds run all together into oblivion. It is the ones who prefer to act alone that will thrive and prosper in these difficult times. They will realize the full potential of the home online income opportunity. With a reasonable amount of effort, anyone can build their own home online income opportunity. As a matter of fact, the smartest ones will build many streams of income. Opportunity is not in short supply on the internet.

That's why it's called the River Of Gold. How much money does it take to make it? None. What you need is knowledge and desire.

"Pardon me," you say, "how can a secure income be created without risk and borrowing?"

Let me tell you a bit about business on the internet. Do you see all those little ads that are sprinkled all around this page, that you see sprinkled over almost every page you can get on the internet? Any idea how much those ads cost? The answer is: nothing. The owners of those ads, people like you and me, don't pay till a visitor clicks on it. How can this be a part of the home income online opportunity?

Anthony Robbins once said, "The only free cheese is in the trap."

He's right. In this instance, the trap is made of get rich quick schemes, scams and false claims. Let me further blow you away by adding that the better the little ads mentioned above are, the more people click on them, the less they cost per click to the owners. How can this be? That's just one of the many things you will find out as you learn to get the most out of the home income online opportunity.

When you do any search on the internet, you end up with the top 10 results on your computer screen. How did they get to be top 10? The search engine, whether it's Google or MSN or others have deemed those 10 sites to be the absolutely best and most relevant to your search query. Chances are real good that one of them holds the exact answer to your query.

What are the chances that you will buy from one of those sites that holds the exact answer to your problem? Very high. Do you think that the owners of those sites are building revenue streams for themselves and their families? You can bet on it.

How much does it cost to get to the top 10 in order to enjoy that home income online opportunity? It's free! You have to earn your way there through quality and KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING to deliver quality solutions and information. How many of those sites are large corporations? Very few. Most of them started off like you are right now wondering about any home online income opportunity that might be available.

Don't worry about there being so many of them (millions), that the whole internet is saturated and there are only crumbs left for people like you. The truth of the matter is that 99% of all sites you see on the internet will go dark within a couple of years of start-up.

Because they didn't invest? No. Because they don't understand how the internet works and how to do business on it. They tried to BUY their way to fame and fortune. Can't be done on the internet although there are many that would help you lose your shirt in the process.

Francis Bacon once said, "He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator."

Like I said with the top 10 results and those little ads, the internet rewards guality. Building a home income online opportunity isn't rocket science. Information and knowledge are the fuel of the World Wide Web. The real funny part about all this is that almost everything you have to learn is given away free.

Go to sites like,, and and sniff around. They have tutorials on how to build businesses with them. There is a massive amount of information and it is all FREE! So are their sites. Anyone is welcomed to build businesses on these and many other sites. FREE! Knowledge is key. Simple information given by people who know and understand the internet. Grab a bucket and scoop out your share of the home income online opportunity.

Click on any of the links below to be taken to my site where plenty more FREE information awaits you. Till we meet again, God speed, don't give up, there is a method to the internet madness and the sky is the limit. (I hope you found this article in the top 10!) I can't close without one more quote.

Robert C. Gallagher once said, "Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."

In Conclusion: If you really want to earn serious income from your kitchen table in your underwear (I recommend closing the curtains!), click on Home Income Online Opportunity where I will explain to you more about the internet and introduce you to a massive free library of instantly downloadable FREE ebooks. No information will be asked of you, not even your email address! I promise. There is also a wealth of free information available at Work From Home. (Scroll down a bit on this one. There's a video about a chicken there that you might relate to!)

Octavien Remillard has been a service engineer for 40 years. He has always enjoyed teaching and the internet has held his attention for several years now. It amazes him how so much opportunity can be offered to so many around the world, but many people don't understand how the World Wide Web works. It is his passion to pass his knowledge on.

Ways to Make Money - Live Outside of the Box!

I can tell you that one of the best ways to make money is by creating an unconventional product or service which satisfies a hungry market. Unfortunately, the lack of creativity is what I notice most frequently in online business. Most websites which market a product or service have a generic look and feel.

Do you remember the dot com boom? Well, when the dot com boom was really booming, people knew that they had to come up with the next new thing to even have a chance at success. Being innovative was primary, and practical business sense came somewhere later on. Just think, the Internet was relatively new. If someone could invent something on the Internet which could made something which we use frequently more accessible, they would stand to make millions, if not billions of dollars. If you think that I am exaggerating, just hop on one of the search engines and type in the name, "Mark Cuban". Mark Cuban is a dot com billionaire. He became a billionaire by selling his idea for Internet radio, and now can be seen court side at Dallas Maverick games, seeing that he used some of his well deserved money to buy the team.

Ten to twelve years ago, it is not simply okay to have any old site. Rather, you had to stand out. Of course, this often leads to more flash than substance, which I believe contributed to the dot com fall.

Now I have an exercise for you to take on. I want you to turn off your computer monitor, and problem-solve. Think of new and innovative ways to make money. You have the facts on your side. Unlike entrepreneurs in the past, you know that success is highly possible on the Internet. New creations keep on coming via the Internet. Just look at the most recent stars, Twitter and Facebook. Can you believe that both of these websites were actually criticized for breaking tradition. Who do you think has the last laugh.

The thing about the Internet as it sits today, is that it is perpetually in puberty. It is continues to grow at an exponential rate. Last count, there were in excess of 40 billion websites on the Internet, but that number may change by the time I have finished writing this article, so do not hold me to that number. Nonetheless, you cannot just add your one or two websites to this portal, and think that anyone is going to pay attention. You have to identify a market niche which has a need, and give them the solution to their need. Take Twitter, for example. Twitter takes care of the need to streamline information to a vast array of individuals in an instant. Twitter was able to identify a niche in online communication, and provided a solution to the needs of this niche.

If we were to go back to the Walt Disney era, we will realize that there is a historic tendency to mock ingenuity. For instance, Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland had a vision. This vision stemmed by his unconventional mode of thought which people around him were familiar. However, similar to Facebook and Twitter, Mr. Disney was actually mocked and ridiculed for his Disneyland idea. The sad thing is that this is common among geniuses. Just look at the times when people stated that the earth may be round. They were charged with heresy. Similarly, before giving it a chance, Disneyland was coined by the press as "Disney's Folly". The funny thing is that now we all know that the earth is round, and that Disneyland was such a huge success that it spun off into Disney World, and others.

One thing that you have to prepare yourself for when you step outside of the normal mode of thought, is ridicule. Let us go back to the year of 1996. Back then, the Internet was quite new. Now, picture yourself having come up with a plan to create an Internet business which will garner its success from giving everything away for free. How do you think people would have responded to you if you had proposed that idea. Perhaps a few would think that you ought to be institutionalized.

Do you know what is funny? A company actually developed a business with the plan to give everything away for free, and went through with that plan. The company is Hotmail. Hotmail gave their e-mail platform aways for free in an era where in order to have an email account you either needed to be a student, been employed by a cutting edge employer, or paid out of pocket. Hotmail was the very first company to give away free email accounts. This is often forgotten.

What Hotmail was doing, was identifying a target market which would generate a fortune for them in the future. They took what was know and accepted as a paid service, made it better, and gave it away for free. Because of Hotmail, it became easy to check your email from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This was not the norm back them. Shortly after, Hotmail was able to generate income by selling ads, and eventually got the big payday when they were purchased by Microsoft.

The notion of identifying a paid for service, and giving it away for free is alive and well. However, if you want to share the same type of success as Facebook, Twitter, and Hotmail, it is likely that you will need to do more than merely copy what they have done. Of course, that something is the question which needs to be answered. Whoever can answer this question will have discovered ways to make money in the millions, or even billions.

Look for unconventional Ways To Make Money. I urge you to brainstorm for novel ideas, especially if you want to Make Money Fast.

Running an Internet Business, Despite the Fact that a Woman who Hates Computers!

If you're alone or run your business along with your woman, then this information for no benefit to you. But if you're like me, that a woman who hates computers and Internet, and actually believes that your PC is your lover, then this information with you.

As funny as it sounds, actually it can be in your family, a big problem if you don't know how to manage this situation. I speak from my own experience, where I tried to make a dollar since 2004, when I started to see the possibilities of the Internet to make me I love my wife too much, I swear, but I confess that I sometimes have faced endless discussions with her for spending too much time on the computer or buy training materials or software to "my company". At the end, I think they are right, that I already had, they would have achieved financial freedom is the first person to support me.

After all these years, I have come to a conclusion "If you're married, you not only success, either you or nobody getting together" so, like it or not, your wife is your business partner on your online ventures.

Here are 5 tips that can be useful for you, if you are on this situation:

1.-explain what you do:

Sometimes, your wife thinks you are just fooling around porn sites to check. Explain your goals, business model, and what you expect to achieve in a specified term, would you they are much better ideas than you.

2.-preparation of a budget and stick to it:

Agree to invest on your online business on a budget and stick to it, no matter what. This gives her the peace of mind that you will not overburden your credit cards.

3. Analyze where you spend your time:

Get a time tracker, (there are many free online), so you can analyze it and see what you are currently doing with your time. The goal is to find "blank spots" so you can be more productive and to do more activities in less time.

4.-a set work schedule:

Once upon a work schedule with your wife so she knows in advance how many hours you will be working on your computer and stick to it. Many of the discussions I've had with my wife have to do with the fact that she is very angry when she sees that I'm in front of my computer every minute that I do not something specific.

5.-more time "quality" with your family:

Please don't just stay at home watching TV for quality time with her, I mean do something interesting and fun, like dining in a nice restaurant, visiting new places, or something they love to do. Don't forget that the monotony brakes relationships so trying to show her that you care about her.

I hope these tips are helpful to you, if they are let me know how they worked for you.

Hector Sanchez is a blogger and entrepreneur, online business information since February 2004. Like many other bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs that there is he aware of the problems and issues of running a business from home. For more information, you can visit Hector Sanchez blog at

Network Marketing Online with no Cost Methods and Ideas!

We all know there are well-known techniques of marketing your MLM home business opportunity to make use of the Internet, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click, etc. But I thought I would put together a listing of some free and non-traditional methods that I know that you can help in promoting your network Marketing home business opportunity of the Internet. Not all of these are huge, but they give you a little something extra to take on when you feel that you have done everything.

1. Yahoo Answers:

Do a search on "Yahoo Answers" for people who ask about work-at-home ideas (there are plenty of these every day) and reply back with short information about your network Marketing opportunity or a quick note to contact them first. Be careful not to make your message as spam or it will look.

2. Social Bookmarking:

Just bookmark all your blogs, videos, articles and websites on popular social bookmarking sites like Propeller. This will help get your material that more views and also with the all-valuable backlinks will help!

3. create a stupid You Tube Video:

Consider a silly short video to post on You Tube. Make sure it's not related to business or Network Marketing at all, just something funny that viewers will pass. Put your chance website address at the end of your video. It also lets you set the website address of your in the sidebar or the description. Sometimes this gets a lot more views than videos that is all about working from home.

4. producing an article not related to Business:

Just because you associate with your network Marketing home business opportunity website, it doesn't mean you want to write articles on Network Marketing. Try creating some articles on what interests you and extinguish them. In the resource box puts a little about yourself and include your network Marketing opportunity website.

5. Does comment on Blogs:

You can a lot of Blog Marketing without writing a Blog. There are numerous popular blogs of Network Marketing home business, you can take advantage by writing a comment on one of the most recent blog posts with a link back to your MLM opportunity website. Just make sure that its a real comment about the post and not just clear advertising. Good blogs, especially very popular watch this heavy. If it looks like blatant advertising, its going to get deleted, so make a special effort your valuable comments for the blog owner.

Aziz Jangbar is a successful Internet and network marketer with a strong passion for Network Marketing. He has built large downlines and believes that with the right mental attitude, anyone can succeed in Network Marketing. To see how you can benefit from his efforts, visit:

3 Best Ever Home Based Business Startup Ideas!

Hello there and in this article I am going to show you best home based business startup ideas. And also I must say that if you are planning to start your own home based business you have landed on right article because I am about to show you best 3 one's so make sure you read this article to the end.

Home based business startup ideas - idea number 1 is making money online with blogs.

This one is for sure one of the best idea you can find out there and it can give you lots of income in short time, if you will do everything right. The process of making money with this home based business plan is simple: pick up a niche you would like to work in, create blog using free or paid tools, put AdSense from Google and banners on your blog, fill your blog with articles and videos related to niche you have picked up, start driving targeted traffic to your blog.

If you think it's very hard to start seeing your first income online with this idea you are very wrong. I can show you how you can start making some money in less than one week time with blogging. Create simple white blank page blog but with something interesting and funny inside. You know most people always like to be entertained, so if you will create a blog that would entertain them they will be more than glad to come back to your blog on daily basis. So after you will create a blog tell about it to your friends. Also join social networks like Facebook or MySpace and start making friends out there. The more friends you will have the more visitors to your blog you will have hence the more money you will have as well.

Home based business startup ideas - idea number 2 is making money online with PLR products.

This one is one of the quickest one. As you can find PLR products with readymade professional sales page, so that means your home based business can be up and running in less than 24 hours. Imagine high quality product, with your own landing page, professional sales page in less than 24 hours. So literally tomorrow all you will have to take care of is just start driving targeted traffic to your products page, couldn't be simpler.

Home based business startup ideas - idea number 3 is making money online as affiliate marketer.

This one for sure can make you financially free. If you will be patient and will be keep working with it on daily basis you can start making five or six figure online in less than 6 months. And that's %100 true. You just need the right knowledge's, support and hard work of yours. Just imagine what potential is of this home based business program if once you will build a list of 1,000 subscribers you will be getting in profits at least $2,000 every single week. And that's minimum. How much money then you will be making on weekly basis if you will have 10,000 subscribers - $20,000 every single week. I know you are shocked, me too actually.

OK so those were home based business startup ideas and those were three best ones. Keep in your mind that it does really possible to start seeing results in less than one week with every single one of them you just need the right knowledge's.

Get Your Company Noticed Without Going Broke!

Do you have a quality product or services, it's easier than you think to get your business noticed ...
And all for free!

We have done it! You can also do.


Tell people about your company and its story. People love and always remember a good and funny story. Take our example: my husband, Stephen came home one day with a wooden crate of wine and told me: "I think I'm going to make a pet feeder from this for our dog ..." I gave him an infidel gaze and asked: "do you have to take your pills today?"....

When I saw the finished product ...I was amazed at how sensational, unique and beautiful handmade came the feeder, I immediately asked him to sell them.

Stephen came up with the name "whiner and Diner" (appropriate and clever!): our company was born. Now, we just had to promote and get to be noticed ... even though our advertising budget was almost nonexistent after a bit of research to do, we discovered that there are many free ways to promote a business.


There are many internet services that offer free web sites. They are user-friendly and you can have a professional online presence. For example, Microsoft Office Live Small Business provides a free service; you just have to buy a domain name. You can choose your templates, inserting text, graphics, and photos and have a website in no time. It even comes with a branded email address that enormous professionalism is added to your company, and you can check your website visitors.

Whiner and Diner used Office Live and have noticed. Microsoft even wrote an article about whiner and Diner's website: "Home Business has its day!"


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for an on-line business. The better your website optimization, the best are your opportunities for people to find you online. Many search engine directories let you list your website for free.


Share your thoughts and expertise with others. Write about what you know and are passionate about. Always include your Web site address; This will provide free movement ... Just Google "publish your articles for free" and you will find plenty of sites to do this.


Blogging is a great way to write about a specific topic (for example, your company). Connect with people in the same industry as you and your ideas to share with your colleagues.


Introduce yourself and your company to potential customers, online magazines, product review sites, other sites etc. ..


List your Web site on professional folders. Many of them you will get a free basic listing.


Call your local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows. They are always interested in new companies and interesting stories.


Business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, stickers ...Do you have a computer and a printer, you can use all these itself. Handing out to anyone who will take them one!


Catherine Simms is a French born artist living in Stamford, Connecticut.
She is the Creative Director of WHINER and DINER Eco-friendly pet luxury accessories.

This article may be freely published, as long as the content, information and links are left unchanged and active.

Has Business on the Internet Gone Social?

I've been banging around in the halls of Internet Marketing for quite a few years, and I've seen a lot of concepts come and go. Recently, it looks like e-commerce businesses are trying harder every day to cash in on the profits of the social networking scene.

Not too long ago, social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace were a forum and meeting place for the very technically talented young people of our world. They shared everything from funny stories to even funnier videos. The business world didn't give it much thought until everything started taking on a Web 2.0 flavor.

Little by little, savvy entrepreneurs started realizing the scope of ones reach within these friendship portals and began figuring out ways to market their wares to the masses of socialites hanging out on the web. It wasn't difficult to draw the connection from socialite to prospective customer and, check this out, there's a barrel of them just waiting for something new to read or watch.

Once business started jumping on the social networking bandwagon, the really attentive Internet marketers saw the opportunity for social networks that cater to Internet businesses. Now you don't have to look very far to find a half dozen or so business-specific social networks that allow you to market to a community to your heart's content.

I like this idea, however, I must admit I'd like to see it segmented a bit more. The typical model today allows an Internet Marketer to sign-up and market to everyone who will accept your message. This could mean that you get quite a few offers that you're not interested in. Of course, it also means you're probably sending messages to members of the community who are not interested in your offer as well.

It certainly isn't the perfect system yet, but it's a step in the right direction. For those of us who are trying to market to as many prospects as possible while seriously attempting to target our market as precisely as possible, it's not quite there.

In what is currently a fairly young market segment and concept, my hope is that it will mature in such a manner as to NOT become the "New SPAM Platform." I truly hope that we can nurture this great idea to become the free, open marketing and communications channel that we online business owners have been looking for.

My name is Don Resh and I've been helping people create and improve their Home Based Business web sites for years. My goal is to help you by providing valuable information and software tools that give you an edge with your Internet Marketing efforts. Please visit our blog for more tools and information.

BizBuildSoftware Internet Marketing Blog

How Can I 'Really' Make Money Online?

This is the age old question. Funny to think that anything about the internet could be 'age old' but here it is.

Ever since there was an internet for us all to use, people have been trying to profit from it. Many people have succeed, many are still trying.

There are plenty of scams out there promising you instant riches for only $137. The seller of this scam will show you proof that his method works by revealing his bank account. Of course this works for him, he's selling the scam. His bank account is not proof that his ideas will make you rich. It is only proof that he is willing to cheat you out of your money. Why wouldn't he be rich, he is collecting $137 a pop to tell his story.

What is his story? Probably something like, create an ebook, market it and watch the money grow. He will tell you that in order for you to create your ebook, you will need his $97 ebook software program. To market your ebook, you will have to buy his $197 marketing plan. It's as simple as that. Wow, are you rich yet. No, but he sure is!

This is very much like the old mail order scams about stuffing envelopes. How many people fell for that trick? How does that scam work? Well you pay someone $24.95 for their informative booklet on mail order profits. When you get the booklet, you find out that in order for you to make money in mail order, you have to get people to send you $24.95 for your informative booklet on mail order profits. Sound familiar?

The only difference between that old scam and the new internet scams is the price. The idea is the same, it just costs you a lot more to get ripped off online.

So is there really any way for an honest person to make a legitimate income online?

Yes there is!

It won't be overnight and it won't be effortless. It takes time and work to build a business anywhere. Why would the internet be any different? If anyone tries to tell you different they are lying to you. They are just trying to get you to buy their informative booklet, translated = ebook.

If you want to build a business, you will have to be willing to work, research and be patient. Nothing happens instantly and no one is going to hand you the silver tablet with all the answers.

There is a lot of writing that goes into an online business. You have to write website content. You have to write a newsletter or ezine. You have to write articles. If you hate to write, you are looking into the wrong business.

Yes, you will find people who will sell you the special program that will allow you to get rich without any writing. The problem is, how did you find out about that program? The seller wrote a sales letter. Hmm... sounds like writing to me. And remember what we already talked about? There is no super software that will make you rich overnight. If someone were to create such a program, do you think you would be able to buy it for one hundred and thirty seven dollars? Hardly.

Let's stay on track here.

To build an online business, you will have to own a website. To create this website, you will have to research a topic and write about it. You will have to buy a domain name, (this is cheap and you only pay once a year). You will need to find a good hosting company to host your site. This can be pretty inexpensive if you look around. This is a monthly expense that you will have to be able to afford before you even consider building a website.

Once you have your site built and online, your next job will be to let the world know you are there. This is the biggest job there is. It is a never ending task. No one will even know your site exists if you don't work on promoting it. Many people will try to sell you information on marketing too. There is plenty of free information out there all you have to do is look for it.

Finally, once you have your site up and running, you have people coming to your site, you will need a product or products to sell or what was the point? The easiest way to get products is through affiliate programs. These programs will allow you to sell someone else's product and make commission off your sales. You don't have to stock anything, you don't have to collect money and you don't have to deal with shipping.

There are many good companies out there that offer nice commissions on their products. It really doesn't matter what you decide to create your website about. You will find someone selling something that will compliment your site.

So, back to the original question. How can I 'really' make money online? The answer is by working at it. Put your pie in the sky dreams away and start writing.

About the author - Margaret Albright is the webmaster for the website Know It All Affiliates, [] Teaching you step by step how to create your internet empire.

Social Media for your Home Business!

Do you think that only large companies benefit from using social networks? Well think again. Marketing for home business via social media, your customers will find and meet your competitors head on The Internet levels the playing field., so you can watch as the big boys.

You're not alone

If you're new to social marketing, don't panic. Everyone was once a rookie and you can easily start without injured along the way. The key is to focus on only a few of platforms or networks, and then expand after you become more familiar with the social world.

My main online marketing social media networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I dabble in some others such as Digg, DisQus and Delicious (just a coincidence that they all begin with'd '), but the more platforms you use, the more time you invest. Depending on your business objectives or a special marketing campaigns, you may want to leave, but initially, keep it simple.

Get busy

You can only learn by trying. I used to read obsessively about social media, social marketing, and social networking, but I don't really understand all of them, until I popped up Twitter and started using Facebook pages. It takes a while to ' get it ', but you will.

Twitter -sometimes called a micro blog, because you can post only 140 characters at the same time. The idea, as with all social networks, to connect with people and information or experiences to share. People want to share articles, blogs, reports, news, photos, and funny stories, etc. Finding people to start after (many will follow you back), and at first, just listen to what they say. If you don't like it, or not interested in what you hear, you can unfollow them. It is so easy. Find someone else and just continue to grow your network. When you're ready, start tweeting. Do it, and yourself. Nobody will slap your wrist if you say something wrong.
Link Shorteners -used shrink for a long, rambling URL (website address) in a shorter that may fit better in a Twitter post (called a Tweet). When you have only 140 spaces, can share a link to a story to last the whole box. Link shorteners to the rescue! There are many services out there, like Goo.GL, Hootsuite, TinyURL. Do a search and try different ones. I use a service to "". It takes a long url, with loads of coded characters and figures-you know the ones, and them shortened to 12 or 13 characters. In addition to shortening your bit.LY link, also tracked how many people click on your links so you can analyze what types of articles or stories, people want to read.
Facebook -the biggest social network with more than 600 millions of users, mostly people like you and me. I assume that you have a personal Facebook account, but if you don't, get one. The best way to tap into that huge audience is to promote your business by creating a Facebook page. It's like having a mini Web site. Do you have a personal account to create a page, and I would strongly suggest your personal friends and family on your own personal account, and keeping your business messages on your page. You really don't want your customers to know what you had for dinner, or that you are playing Farmville.

The 3-1-1 rule

There are certain rules, etiquette and the expected behavior in the social medha playground, and you'll want to make sure that you promote your online business professional. You must show that you are an expert in your field, a leader, and not just to sell your stuff.

The basic rule for posting to each social platform is the three-one-one line. If you're going to post information five times in a day (as an example), three of them need adding value, share something. Must be something about you, or anything that shows that you are a person. The latter can be about your company, an offer, a promotion, etc. If you post a sales conversation four times per day, will people stop following you and find someone else.

You've probably heard of this before, but social media is about engaging people and have conversations. Be friendly and authentic. Nobody wants to hear from someone that sounds like a company. People buy from people, but people want to be helped. They want to find solutions. They don't want a hard sales pitch. Give them something entertaining, enlightening, or educational.

Help is everywhere

There are so many training materials to more tips. Do a search for things like Facebook 101, getting started with Twitter, or Social Media Bootcamp. These are just some ideas. Some websites will ask you to sign up for a free course and you will receive an email daily or weekly to guide you through how to get started with different architectures. But remember, not just read them, take action and diving.

Jump into social media, spread your wings and have fun. Be assured that your competitors are.

Social Media, online marketing, and writing are my speciality and I love helping and teaching people how to use them to make a success of their home or Office.

I am a career marketer and communicator who left the corporate world working at home and inheritance of my income, my career and my lifestyle. Now, I am an Internet entrepreneur, and I coach and develop the same people. I am connected to a unique online marketing education and leadership community that helped me in my home business become successful.

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Small Home Business ideas to help you find your dream...

There are countless small home business ideas, probably more than you could ever imagine. The funny thing is that almost everyone can make money from home if they could come with just a profitable idea. This is the hardest for most people. Here are some ideas for starting your own small home business.

For most people, the hardest part is figuring out how to come up with small home business ideas. Here is the simplest way to do it-just think of your hobbies, interests and passions. You can build a home business on almost any topic. Millions of people make money from home, and you can too.

Here are some examples. Many peoples hobbies are cooking, photography, crafts or jewelry making or playing video games. Just think of the possibilities here! A catering or photography business, sell your crafts or jewelry online, get paid for the testing of video games by the gaming companies. These are just some of the thousands of small home business ideas out there for the taking.

Is online or computer work more to your liking? No problem. There are many different ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is the most common and easy way to live on your home computer. Accounting, medical coding, secretarial work-you can see that it goes on and on.

Some other ideas for a small home business that are using your computer possibly online surveys, blogging, freelance writing and Web design. If you really want to work at home and have the motivation and drive, you can work. Perseverance is the key to success when starting a home based business.

There are even a few strange small home business ideas that you can never have imagined. Did you know that you can be paid to digital photos online? Work at home Assembly is another great opportunity, especially for people who are disabled and can't work outside of the House.

Are you ready for more information about how you can make your dream of working for yourself and set your own hours? Visit the links below to browse dozens of unique small home business ideas!

If you really want to work from home, small home business ideas there are hundreds of you can determine how you can get good money from home! Visit just Make Money from Home tips, ideas and resources for money making business opportunities the legitimate find and start living your dream today!

What is the best Home Business idea?

I find it very interesting is that the way people used words by each other. For example, when people ask, e what is the best home business idea is, is what they really ask what the easiest home business idea is to subtract. Let's be honest, nobody wants to work hard on something, especially when there is no guarantee that they are going to see any tangible results for their efforts. So while we were looking for the easiest, what we really need to search is the best, because ultimately, over the long haul, the best thing there is to find you the very best results.

So, that brings us to the question of $ 64,000. What IS the best home business idea? Well, the answer will surprise you. There is not a. No, I'm not too funny or a wise guy. I'm telling you the absolute truth and something that may have been the best advice you'll ever get. So to clarify that I have just said, let me elaborate.

The problem with most home based business ideas, and you know the ones I'm talking about, is that the people who come up with these ideas assume that everyone is the same. So they come with a cookie cutter site and business plan and assume that everyone they can plug into it. This couldn't be further from the truth and the reason why 95% of all people who start their own business online end up failing.

The main reason for this is that we all have our own skills and abilities. Some of us are great writers, but can't we design a website to our lives. Then there are those who have no writing skills, but are pretty good with graphic design. The combination of skill sets for each individual is almost limitless. And those skills also include business minded how that we are as well. There are those of us who come from a large corporate background, maybe even majored in business at the University, to whom a home business start as a walk in the park would be. Then there are those among us who are perhaps more creative but don't even know how to balance a checkbook.

The point is, because of the diversity of our skills, there is no way that every one business model is going to work for everyone. So, having said all this, what is my suggestion for starting your own home business and what is ultimately the best home business idea for you?

Sit down and create a list of your hobbies and interests. Also create a list of your skill sets. By doing this, you get an idea of what you are most qualified to do. After you have done this, go to a search engine and start typing in some of these interests and skills. You are looking for in principle on two things in doing this. The first thing you're looking for a market for these skills and interests that you possibly can break in so many sell items that fill a need in that area, assuming you want to get into the Internet sales.

The second thing that you are looking for is to see if there any actually home based jobs you can do from the comfort of your home using these skills and interests. Why? Because some of us don't really want to run a business. What we really want is to work from home. By doing this, you are very likely a telecommuting or freelance job you can do from home.

What is the best home business idea? It is what it is best for you.

To your success,

Steven Wagenheim

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How to Start Your Own Online Business and Make Money From Home!

For most people the thought of being able to work online from home and actually make a living doing so is just a dream. Well, I am here to tell you that it is a dream, but it is one you can achieve. Below I will detail the tips, techniques and strategies that real people use everyday to make a nice living working online.

Perhaps some of you have heard of the term "affiliate marketing" before. Now before you get intimidated or discouraged, please hear what I have to say. You see, there is big money being made in this business every single day. The funny thing is, it doesn't take much brains at all to do this. Average people from all over the world are making a full time income by simply working in the background as an affiliate marketer. What I mean by "background" is the best part. You never have to deal with a customer, have a product, or even your own website for that matter! By using my methods, your customers won't even know you exist. You could call it the perfect business for those of you that are shy.

The best part of this business is that you can get started for zero cost. Yes, you can start making money at this today without spending one dollar of your own money. To do this, the first thing you need to do is go over to your favorite search engine and do some market research. Very easy, all you need to do is find out what others are buying. This can be accomplished by simply doing a search for "top 100 downloads" or "best selling products". Be creative. Bottom line is that you just want to see what types of products are in demand right now.

The next thing you want to do is head over to This is a marketplace of digital products that you can promote and make yourself a nice commission of up to 75% by doing so. The first thing you want to do is register for an account. This is a totally free process. Next, you want to click on "Marketplace" and search over the various products they offer you to sell. You will see a link by each product called the "pitch page". That is simply where you are going to send your customers, and when they make a purchase you will receive a nice profit.

Earlier I asked you to search and find the top selling products. What you want to do now is look through clickbank's marketplace and find a product that is in high demand according to your research earlier. From here you can put two and two together. You want to start promoting this item. To do this there will be a link that says "create hoplink". This will give you your own url (website address) that when someone goes to and then makes a purchase, this will be traced back to you and then you will get your commission. Payments are made every two weeks and clickbank has never missed a payment owed since they have been in business.

Here is a little tip that will make a big difference in your sales volume. Copy that link you just created (your hoplink) and then go over to a domain registrar, such as Godaddy, and pick a creative domain name for yourself. Try to make it similar to the theme of the site or product you are promoting. Also be sure that the name is easy to remember and spell. Once you have registered your domain name, go into your account through your registrar and do what is called forwarding. You want to point that domain, or forward it, to the link you created earlier. Your hoplink. Now whenever someone types your domain name in their browser, they will automatically be forwarded to you product page and if they purchase, you will make money. If you are having a problem learning to forward your domain name, your registrar can assist you. This is a very easy process and it only takes about two minutes to do.

Now you are in business and ready to promote that new site of yours. Here are some good free ways to get targeted traffic and customers coming to your site. My favorite is going over to Yahoo answers. Just search for questions posted that are similar to the item you are selling. Then answer the question and at the bottom Yahoo allows you to post a website resource. This is where you type in your domain name. What better of a way can you think of to get targeted prospects than people who are actually going online and posting questions related to your product. Offer them a solution to their problems. This doesn't cost you a dollar either!

The next free method to generating traffic to your new site is to once again go over to your favorite search engine and type in search phrases like: "free classifieds", "your product forums", "post free online classifieds", etc. There are a ton of sites out there you can post to for free to get exposure from. This also helps with your search engine ranking as you are gaining what is called backlinks to your website.

Once you start making money by using the free methods above, you can then reinvest your money into bigger and more targeted campaigns. Who knows, maybe you could be the next online millionaire. That is all I have for now, but I wish you success in all that you aim for and thank you for your time.

To learn how you can start making money online from home starting in the next 15 minutes, please visit my website at: []

To Your Success!

You Can Become a Millionaire With an Online Home Business?

Sounds a little crazy. That's right that it sounds quite crazy, especially if you look at the number of people who have tried to simply to live with a home business and failed. I say only, not a millionaire "deserve". Search all over the internet that you'll notice that the promises to be done, that you can be a millionaire internet business also. And look at the figures, which promises are not delivered. So how can these people make these promises, get away with such outrageous statements? Because it is true. People do it. Here is another shocker, they don't do it by ripping people off. Right off the top of my head, I can at least a dozen successful online business entrepreneurs who have started with nothing. Don't let me rephrase that, I mean less than nothing, real bad situations such as;

Foreclosure. Bankruptcy. About to be locked up because of problems with paying child support. Money as a result of the i.r.s. I even know of a woman who was on welfare with three children.

I am cutting this short list, very short plus I call no other successful entrepreneurs who had to overcome physical and mental illnesses then started a home business and become a millionaire. How she did it? It Was skill, education and special knowledge of the internet? Maybe they were just plain luck, or a rich relative died and left them some money to the battle. The truth is and I'm just talking about the people who I have studied and come to know during my many years online. Are you ready for the magic formula? Well here it is, something that both you and I have deep inside. Yes, you! Desire, that's it! They just wanted to do it. To tell you the truth, most of them are big dreamers, but at the point where they started. They just wanted to get out of the hole. Wow, its funny the many different stories I've heard of these men and women and everything they wanted to do was just to get out of the hole and now they are a millionaire. That desire was not just a wish, such as hunger and thirst or just a desire to go to the movie. These people had a desire to do what it took to exceed where she wanted to be. Then they just never let go. She had a vision; a vision that she believed in and not care what anyone else thought and said that they just went on and on until they reached their goal. All the people who I'm thinking about, that I have personally met all started off in an online home business. At this point they were the zero and someone else was the hero or top internet marketer.

Now, a personal opinion.

None of the people I write about that, the average amount of time were overnight successes, I would say was between 4 to 8 years (still shorter than becoming a doctor). Nevertheless, within that 4 to 8 years there was enough time to exercise and do things repetitiously. And you know what they say; Repetition is the Creator of success. They then added on top of this repetition, consistency, determination and of course if Napoleon Hill and w. Clement stone would say; Definiteness of purpose. Now here is something that stone and Hill will agree, brain. You will see while we all work from behind a computer screen, we tent to attract and meet like-minded people and the longer we hold the more people we meet, the more people we meet many more ways we have on search and development of things and ideas. Just in case you didn't know. W. clement stone and Napoleon Hill are two each famous and successful entrepreneurs and authors who studied success, how to be a millionaire and wrote about it in their bestselling books that are famous worldwide. In their books they wrote about this kind of people, the exact same kind of people I wrote about. Although they wrote these books, long before all these people are born and before there was an internet or online business. The principles, strategies and concepts are all still the same. So here it is. I don't know what your goals and ambitions.

But I know that Yes, someone who puts in the effort, determination and never, ever quit no matter what, has a great chance of becoming a millionaire. That is if they desire, followed by many other virtues, traits and disciplines that I just couldn't call in this page. Because just as the authors said, they needed book on top of more books to mention them all and I am absolutely certain that if they were still alive today, they would still be writing books, probably on becoming a billionaire. Nevertheless, the point I'm trying to come up with. Is that it is done and it can be done and most importantly. It can be done by you, that is if that is what you desire. and if it is what you desire, how bad you want, what are you willing to do and sacrifice to achieve your goal? Because the bottom line is that it's all up to you.

JosephDiego DiaMante
EX-New York City construction worker
Current Internet entrepreneur & entrepreneurial success Coach
Honest, virtuous, principle based, focus, Purposeful, passionate, committed and enthusiastic.
Powerful honesty is by far my most cherished virtue.
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