Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Why?

It sounds like a ridiculous question right? Who wants to be a millionaire? You and I both would clearly long too rich but why? What's so great about being a millionaire? OK let's the money for the obvious aside, you'll have tons and tons of money and all of its benefits, large mansion, expensive sports cars, exotic yachts, luxury holiday however, eventually pursuing possessions will leave you empty and unfulfilled.

So what else, I mean who wants to be a millionaire just so they can buy pointless tat? What about worship of one's peers? Isn't it funny how we tend as a culture, whom we venerate is do not we? We think to ourselves this guy should really slim, or must I watch what I say, and some of us say, "I want to be like him that I want to be a millionaire" why? Because it is rich gives you power and influence on people.

Imagine, being able to command attention wherever you are because you are rich. People will consider you important what a trip huh? Unfortunately some millionaires abuse this courtesy and become arrogant. It can be rather unsavoury witness of such behaviour and is probably where the phrase ' the power gone to his head ' comes from.

But here's another quote that millionaires in contact with the universe morality and decency describes, it goes a bit as follows ' with great power comes great responsibility ' what is the meaning of the statement? Simply put, if a person with influence on others that you have a responsibility to those you influence you have the power to decide on their fate wow that picture.

As a rich person perhaps you responsibilities outside your immediate family. Business contacts, partnerships in the form of suppliers, depending on your custom have been a crucial part of prosperity is making money flow.

Finally, a massive reason to be a millionaire the lifestyle that you can lead. And again I'm not talking about what you can buy, I'm talking about certain precious raw material so often to the average man was refused and that is freedom. I know you probably think I now have freedom, I can do what I want, when I want to ahh, but you can really?

If you chose not to work for 6 months what would happen? Lose your job, struggling to make ends meet? I know what would happen with a millionaire, he would still be earning an income see the difference?

I hope you have fun with answering my question why someone would be a millionaire, and it has forced you deeply think about what you really want to live. So the next time you here the question of who wants to be a millionaire you know why you said me.