How to Start Your Own Online Business and Make Money From Home!

For most people the thought of being able to work online from home and actually make a living doing so is just a dream. Well, I am here to tell you that it is a dream, but it is one you can achieve. Below I will detail the tips, techniques and strategies that real people use everyday to make a nice living working online.

Perhaps some of you have heard of the term "affiliate marketing" before. Now before you get intimidated or discouraged, please hear what I have to say. You see, there is big money being made in this business every single day. The funny thing is, it doesn't take much brains at all to do this. Average people from all over the world are making a full time income by simply working in the background as an affiliate marketer. What I mean by "background" is the best part. You never have to deal with a customer, have a product, or even your own website for that matter! By using my methods, your customers won't even know you exist. You could call it the perfect business for those of you that are shy.

The best part of this business is that you can get started for zero cost. Yes, you can start making money at this today without spending one dollar of your own money. To do this, the first thing you need to do is go over to your favorite search engine and do some market research. Very easy, all you need to do is find out what others are buying. This can be accomplished by simply doing a search for "top 100 downloads" or "best selling products". Be creative. Bottom line is that you just want to see what types of products are in demand right now.

The next thing you want to do is head over to This is a marketplace of digital products that you can promote and make yourself a nice commission of up to 75% by doing so. The first thing you want to do is register for an account. This is a totally free process. Next, you want to click on "Marketplace" and search over the various products they offer you to sell. You will see a link by each product called the "pitch page". That is simply where you are going to send your customers, and when they make a purchase you will receive a nice profit.

Earlier I asked you to search and find the top selling products. What you want to do now is look through clickbank's marketplace and find a product that is in high demand according to your research earlier. From here you can put two and two together. You want to start promoting this item. To do this there will be a link that says "create hoplink". This will give you your own url (website address) that when someone goes to and then makes a purchase, this will be traced back to you and then you will get your commission. Payments are made every two weeks and clickbank has never missed a payment owed since they have been in business.

Here is a little tip that will make a big difference in your sales volume. Copy that link you just created (your hoplink) and then go over to a domain registrar, such as Godaddy, and pick a creative domain name for yourself. Try to make it similar to the theme of the site or product you are promoting. Also be sure that the name is easy to remember and spell. Once you have registered your domain name, go into your account through your registrar and do what is called forwarding. You want to point that domain, or forward it, to the link you created earlier. Your hoplink. Now whenever someone types your domain name in their browser, they will automatically be forwarded to you product page and if they purchase, you will make money. If you are having a problem learning to forward your domain name, your registrar can assist you. This is a very easy process and it only takes about two minutes to do.

Now you are in business and ready to promote that new site of yours. Here are some good free ways to get targeted traffic and customers coming to your site. My favorite is going over to Yahoo answers. Just search for questions posted that are similar to the item you are selling. Then answer the question and at the bottom Yahoo allows you to post a website resource. This is where you type in your domain name. What better of a way can you think of to get targeted prospects than people who are actually going online and posting questions related to your product. Offer them a solution to their problems. This doesn't cost you a dollar either!

The next free method to generating traffic to your new site is to once again go over to your favorite search engine and type in search phrases like: "free classifieds", "your product forums", "post free online classifieds", etc. There are a ton of sites out there you can post to for free to get exposure from. This also helps with your search engine ranking as you are gaining what is called backlinks to your website.

Once you start making money by using the free methods above, you can then reinvest your money into bigger and more targeted campaigns. Who knows, maybe you could be the next online millionaire. That is all I have for now, but I wish you success in all that you aim for and thank you for your time.

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To Your Success!