4 Types of Online Target Marketing Guru's

There are four types of online marketing pros. Guppies, Tuna, Sharks, and Whales. Here are the characteristics of each one, and what it takes for guppies to become whales!

Guppies. Guppies are small and uninspiring fish. Discovery channel doesn't have a single show about guppies. But in the online marketing world, most people start out as a Guppy.

Characteristics of Guppies:

Small. Translation: They have a small or non-existent marketing budget. They want to become a bigger fish, but are just learning the ropes. There are two types of Guppies: Those that truly want to improve their skills and income, and those that are always looking for somebody or some software that will increase their income without requiring more skills. The former will grow, the latter will always remain feeder fish for the Tuna, Sharks, and Whales.

Insignificant. Poor Guppies. They are unknown. They have a very small marketin g list. The bigger fish either ignore them or eat them, and even the other Guppies don't care much about Guppies, they want to become Tuna, Sharks, or Whales one day, so they're paying attention to bigger fish.

Advice for Guppies:

* Take responsibility.
* Stop being needy. Don't use loser language like, "If I could just find somebody to show me..."
* Stop looking for quick fixes and "outside" solutions.
* Look in the mirror, what you see is your problem AND your solution.
* Stop expecting others to do anything for you. Until you take 100% responsibility you will always be a feeder fish.
* A limited budget just means you have to work harder and be more consistent.
* Don't let anybody steal your dream.
* Find a way to make money outside of marketing. This is a business you have to feed for a while before it feeds you. Stop wishing for it to be o therwise. * Attend all the events you can.
* Don't take advice from other Guppies.
* Read "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. If you've already read it, read it again.

Tuna. Tuna are Guppies that have taken responsibility. They have found a way to build their list and make some money, usually on a limited budget.

Characteristics of Tuna:

Tuna understand the basics of online marketing. They often make their money marketing to Guppies and other Tuna. They usually wear all the hats in their business: Director of product development, marketing, content creation, accounting, promotion etc. They have a limited skill set.

Advice for Tuna:

* Don't pretend you're something you're not.
* Be humble.
* Don't blindly trust Sharks and Whales. Do your own thinking.
* Develop your own marketing plan.
* Don't let Sharks and Whales product launches dictate your online m arketing tool set.
* Master the fundamentals: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Social Marketing.
* Don't spend your money, put it back into your business.
* Use professionals as often as possible. Find the inexpensive online services that can build your sites and do some marketing for you.
* Learn the difference between being a small time marketer and a business owner.
* Get a part time Executive Assistant to do your busy work.
* Focus on accomplishing at least one core money making activity every day.
* Connect with Sharks and Whales.
* Attend all the events you can.
* Read "The Four Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss

Sharks. Sharks make money. They can quit their job. They control their personal financial world. Sharks organize the events that Guppies, Tunas, and other Sharks atten d. They invite Whales and other Sharks to speak. Sometimes, they accidentally invite a Tuna or Guppy to speak, but they are eaten immediately afterwards.

Characteristics of Sharks: They are independent. They are proud. They are successful. They can eat whatever smaller fish they want to. They may decide to remain a shark forever, not realizing that they could be a whale.

Advice for Sharks:

* You can now eat Guppies and Tuna and make a great living, but to become a whale you ought feed them instead.
* You probably have a big list full of Guppies and Tuna. Respect them, love them, and provide real value to them, and you will become a Whale through a natural process.
* NEVER abuse their trust by offering them something that you haven't tested and proven yourself.
* Don't talk down to them.
* Focus on giving value.
* Build your business tea m. Surround yourself with achievers.
* Outsource everything humanly possible.
* Remember, humility is a virtue, not a weakness. You aren't always the smartest person in the room.
* Join Stompernet (It's not open all the time, but visit my blog below and search for it to get your name on the list)
* Read "Good To Great" by Jim Collins

Whales. Whales cruise slowly through the oceans of the world with no worries about any other fish. They are rich. They are untouchable. They make millions of dollars a year. They can put up a new offer, announce it, and Voila! They get rich again. They are connected. They hang out with sharks and whales, and have almost unlimited Joint Venture possibilities.

Advice for Whales: I have no advice for whales. I'm just trying to become one. Once I do, maybe I'll come back and finish this article. Until then, I'll focus on helping more Guppies and Tuna!

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