A List of Small Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

One thing that makes people stall when they are considering starting a small business is that they don't know what kind of business they want to start. Here's a list of small business ideas to get you started on your journey to small business success.

1. Virtual Assistant/Personal Assistant
Do you have secretarial experience? Do you enjoy running around town doing errands? You should consider becoming a virtual assistant or a personal assistant.

A virtual assistant is a person with specialized computer skills that freelances for other small business owners. A personal assistant is someone that might pick up clothes from the dry cleaner, do grocery shopping, or go to the post offic e. There are plenty of busy people that will pay you to do both types.
1. Coach/Consultant
Do you have expertise in business? Are you a therapist? Have you successfully published a book? Do you know how to grow roses in any kind of weather?

If you have expertise in anything, you can be a coach or a consultant. I'm sure there's something you know how to do that other people struggle with. Take some time to research what those things may be. You may want to hang out with some coaches or even buy a coaching package yourself so you can iron out the details of what your coaching program will look like.

2. Freelance Writer
Do you write for fun? Do you fill journals up at an alarming pace? You might make a great freelance writer. Some people hate to write. They will gladly pay you to write content for their blogs and websites.

These are just a few ideas. Once you start brainstorming, you'll come up with your own list of small business ideas. You might even do a combination of the three. A small business is a great way to add extra income to what you're currently earning. One day your small business could replace the income you're earning. All it takes is hard work, time and dedication to make a small business successful

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