Small Business Marketing: - Enjoy Clear Direction & Peace of Mind

The return on investment for the engagement of MJH Group for Small business marketing is based on the following;

Business Growth

Increased sales and profit from effective strategy and campaign outcomes

Marketing Strategy

The insight and direction provided by our strategic recommendations

Provision of a documented strategic marketing plan which acts as the blue print for the successful marketing of your business

Allowing you to proceed with confidence

A planned and structured approach to marketing success

Campaign Outcomes

Effective communication of your brand and offer

Generate awareness in the market to achieve

New customer acquisition

A greater share of wallet from existing customers

Increased sales and business growth


Assess the viability of new products or services

Develop and implement strategies for the introduction or relaunch of products and services to provide commercial success

Direct Bottom Line Savings

Direct Bottom Line Savings due to effective marketing management

Measuring the ROI of promotions and campaigns to determine effectiveness

Customer focus reducing the risk of ineffective promotion or campaigns

Redirection of marketing investment into areas with the greatest return

Effective Brand Management

Long term business growth through the ongoing and positive development of your brand in the marketplace

Effective Positioning

Identifying the positioning strategy and building a strong market position to insulate against competition and the threat of new entrants

Maintaining the desired position of your business in the market place


Effective communication via regular meetings and easy to follow project plans to ensure you are kept informed and up to date on the progress of activities throughout the life of the program

Peace of Mind

Experienced marketing professionals providing peace of mind that the marketing program is taken care of: you have one less thing to worry about

MJH Group is transparent in our selection of clients to ensure no conflict of interest during engagements

A marketing resource dedicated to the growth and development of your business.

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