Expert Reveals How To Build A Website For Beginners

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In this article I'm going to speak about how to build a website for beginners because I have a lot of knowledge about building websites and I've got a great resource to you that I'll reveal at the end of this article! (If you simply can't wait, then check out the last paragraph of this article!)

You see knowing how to build a website for beginners is now easier than ever because you don't need to know any complicated html code or anything like that at all! Now building a website is as simple as clicking a few buttons and following instructions! This is all thanks to simple templates which are easy to use!

I'm going to talk about not only how to build a website for beginners but also the key components you'll need to run a successful online business, here they are:

1) Squeeze Page This is a page that captures visitors name and email address. It's important to use a squeeze page when you are building an online business because this captures subscribers so that you can contact them via email.

2) Free Offer You need a quality free offer that the person will get once they give you their email address. This makes people far more willing and likely to place their information into your form so it's essential that you have a free offer. It also helps to build the relationship and trust between you and your subscriber because you are initially helping them out.

3) Thank You Page You should have a thank you page that subscribers get re-directed to once they fill their information into your sign up form! This is important just because you can place instruction on your thank you page to show the subscriber what they need to do next, also its a polite thing to do and once again helps build the relationship / trust with the subscriber!

4) Email Follow Up You need a series of pre-written emails that will send automatically at set intervals to your subscribers! These emails will help them out and help build your relationship with the subscriber! If you were running a golf tips website you could simply send them a weekly newsletter with your latest golf tips! This is very important that you help them by sending them quality free information because it will help you build up trust with the subscriber which means when you do send them an offer such as a recommendation for your product or an affiliate offer you'll have a much higher response rate and make more money.

5) Traffic Traffic is the lifeblood of an online business and without traffic you will soon unfortunately fail! One thing people fail to recognize is that a nice website won't bring traffic in. Even if you have the best looking website on the internet you won't actually make money unless you start bringing traffic into that website! What you need to do is study a traffic generation guide which will teach all about the various methods of driving traffic (visitors) to a website, learn the methods and implement them.

So, hopefully I've opened up your mind to what it really takes to not only get a website online but get a successful online business up and running so when you learn how to build a website for beginners you'll also learn to implement these other important things!

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