Small business owners-time to hire a writer!

It was a brilliant idea, really, that my friend had and I offered her my full support and encouragement when she suggested starting a cake-baking recipe tutorial and advice site. Then one day, she sent me an email.

"What you write when your brain is dead?"

After starting this small company from her and take the online, she has written her own stuff for her website; She refused to take mine because I was her charge for peanuts and they cannot afford to pay more. So, my offer was rejected and they are struggling to come up with fresh and trudges over to write material for the visitors of its Website. And the funny thing is that they prefer its budget to spend on other aspects of her small company ... such as printing of newsletters and decorating of her shop.

Not too difficult to find a professional and reliable freelance writer who delivers

Anyway, in my personal opinion, small businesses with owners who do not need to be trained or experienced enough to write for their own websites external hire writers to do the job. The key is in finding a single freelance writer who sure can provide efficient, accurate and affordable. It's not too hard to find, believe me. Because if you do, you can save yourself a lot of headache and heartache would.

Put aside some money for freelance writing services

Now, the problem would money because the belt always a bit tight for small business owners. But save on writing is not the way if you want to market yourself through your website or blog on the Internet. Internet marketing is all about exposure via the written word-decorate your shop is not about the visitors of the site! What I suggest is for small business owners to put aside a small amount of money each month ... something between USD $ 120 to USD $ 200 ... for freelance writing services. You can splurge the rest on other things, and then you get the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business ... If getting into the customers or existing serve.

Experienced writers aren't leeches!

"Experienced writers are blood suckers," says a friend. I should outraged, that challenge! I know a lot of freelance writers that the small business sector, for the longest time and they make a lot of effort without their client's sources dry up. They hand in good works, have a healthy working relationship with their customers and deliver professional work for affordable prices! Of course, there are a few rotten apples in the basket .... some people load an insane amount of money for something that I would classify as bombast.

Cheap writers can also good

Dispel the myth that cheap no writers are good writers and expensive are cocky. Open your mind to new freelance writers out there on the Internet available and give them a try. You deserve the chance to focus on what you're good at-the key to a successful small business is in leverage at the time, the experience and the skill of others. Find a freelance writer who fits your budget and fast, you will see that it's well worth the money.

Marsha Maung is a Malaysian-based freelance writer who has been writing for websites, blogs, newsletters, books and such for eight years and counting (2008). She Is proud of himself as one of the first few Asian web freelance writers who are ready to kick-ass copy and search search engine friendly. For more info about Marsha, visit her website at or for drying was the dirty details on the life and times of a MOM and freelance writer, visit instead.