Building Lists Using Facebook...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere I am sure that you have heard of a very popular social community by the name of Facebook. If not, then really all you need to know at this point is that you need to get involved and get yourself an account, it's free!

Many Facebook members connect with old friends and family members in order to share status updates and pictures with those that they may have lost contact with or just enjoy keeping in touch with there friends on a daily basis with just a few clicks of a button. On the other hand, there is a small (soon to be large) group of people that are using Facebook to help them in building lists that they someday will have the opportunity to market too and possibly earn large amounts of money with. How is this done an how can you start implementing a plan in building lists using Facebook?

One of the hot things on Facebook is something called fan pages and you are more than likely a fan of a page on your Facebook account by now if you have been a member of Facebook for any amount of time. These fan pages have a wonderful way of spreading like wild fire and work like magic when it comes to the concept of "viral marketing". Take a look at your Facebook account and see how many of your friends are becoming members of some strange or funny fan page that for some reason you find yourself clicking on because you agree with the name of the fan page. Click on the "Become a Fan" button and just like that you are now on a list of a fan page that someone like yourself just decided to create, and now today they have over a million members! You could have a successful fan page like this one as well if you follow the steps that I am about to reveal and have the opportunity to market to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people in a reasonably short amount of time building lists using Facebook.

Step 1: Pick a name of your fan page. Something that is unique and possibly even funny. If you are like me and have trouble thinking of something, check out some of the other fan pages online that have a lot of members and are doing well. I am not suggesting that you copy a fan page, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least take some pointers from some of the best ones out there. If you are wanting to market your business to this group of people later in time, it wouldn't be a bad idea to choose a fan page that resembles close to your business to not make your advertisement seem to spam like.

Step 2: Once you have logged into your Facebook account, you will want to click on "Ads and Pages" on your home page. This is currently to the left of your Facebook home page. Once there, click on the link that says "Create Page". It will then walk you through a few steps that will help in putting your fan page into the correct category. Once this is complete you will be taken to your fan page where you will be given the opportunity to start making some additions and letting people know what your page is about.

Step 3: Pick a picture that is perfect for your page. This is important because this is one of the first things that people will see before they decide to become a fan of your page, so you want to be sure that it goes well with your page and catches there eye.

Step 4: Once your group is completely put together you need to invite all your friends on your Facebook account. As they become a fan of your page, it will be posted on there wall for other friends to see that are not friends of yours. This is where the magic of the fan page on Facebook really starts to kick in, so make sure that you don't forget to tell your friends.

Step 5: This is not really a step, but I wanted to make sure that you are aware that not every fan page takes off like a wild fire. Stick to it, get use to putting these fan pages together and sooner than later you will find your gold mind and explode that list of yours using Facebook. Good luck and I hope that you have enjoyed this free tip on building lists using Facebook!