Cult of the Celebrity - Exploring the implications for effective consumer packaged goods branding


Detailed analysis documenting the drivers behind the accelerated interest in, and popularity of, celebrities Insights into how and why celebrity remains a powerful tool in a marketing context, along with assessments of its limitations and challenges Strategic conclusions and actionable recommendations on effectively harnessing the power of celebrity endorsement and branding Global scope countries covered: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, US, Australia, N. Zealand, Japan, China, S. Korea, India


Voyeurism has achieved a level of acceptability and marketers need to meet consumers' needs for accessibility and information on celebrity endorsee. This is expressed through the very aggressive expansion of the market for explorations of celebrities' lives and the range of media that has evolved to answer demand Research shows that celebrities and athletes are the least trust ed of all company/brand spokespersons. Despite this, millions of dollars are continually invested in such endorsements The concept of celebrity has transcended attachment to individual people and become attached in some cases to actual products. For example, personal technology has become dominated by products that have effectively achieved celebrity status themselves actual celebrity endorsement is not even necessa

Improve your marketing effectiveness: understand best practice principles in celebrity-led marketing and the societal trends relating to this Ideation and inspiration: spark new ideas by learning from innovative examples both within and outside of the FMCG industry Improve your decision making: celebrity-backed campaigns can be costly; use this report to understand the new tactics required to achieve success.

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TREND: The cult of celebrity has risen to a new level of prominence in recent years 4
Accessibility has redefined the relationship between consumers and celebrities 4
Reality television has made it easier for consumers to identify with celebrities 4
The rise of the cult of celebrity has been epitomized by the emergence of ""nonebrities"" 5
Celebrity gossip magazines have been a visible expression of the fascination with celebrity 6
The Internet offers unparalleled access to celebrity information and can create its own celebrities 6
Increasingly detached, cocooning consumers connect through celebrities 7
""Hiving"" consumers are consuming and sharing celebrity related information 8 Consumers seek escapism from everyday life through celebrity watching 8
Celebrity watching has become a surrogate for family relationships 8
Celebrity Worship Syndrome has become an accepted condition 8
Key take-outs and implications: marketers need to meet consumers' needs for accessibility and information on celebrity endorsees 9
TREND: Celebrity as a marketing tool remains powerful but faces challenges 10
Celebrities in advertising rate more highly than non-celebrities in a similar context 11
Celebrity endorsement elevates awareness of, trust in and persuasiveness of brand messages 11
Celebrity is a projected image easily attached to brands 12
Consumers' ability to identify with celebrities drives their value to marketers 13
Consumers view celebrity endorsement as less effective than retailers do 13
Celebrity-based marketing and branding continues to face several core threats 15
Key take-outs and implicatio ns: celebrity's greatest strength to marketers is the ability to grab attention 15
INSIGHT: Successful celebrity endorsement and branding depends on credibility and authenticity 16
To be successful, the personality of the celebrity must be in sync with the personality of the brand 16
The best endorsement deals equate the product with the appeal of the celebrity 17
Authenticity is key to celebrity-based marketing being effective 17
Celebrity-created brands are at the peak of credibility 18
Association with strong celebrity created brands can generate a halo effect 20
Best practice examples of celebrity marketed brands 20
Key take-outs and implications: Consumers expect authenticity and quality - celebrity endorsement is not an acceptable substitute 22
INSIGHT: ""Celebrity Fatigue"" is affecting the marketability of endorsed brands 23
Consumers are weary of overexposure of celebrities and proliferating celebrity brand extensions 23
Celebrity marketing to children is meeting increasing opposition 23
Key take-outs and implications: consumers are nearing saturation point with celebrity-based marketing 24
INSIGHT: The cult of celebrity has migrated from individuals to actual products 24
Why is this happening? 24
Participation and interaction define consumers' relationship with ""celebrity"" products 25
Key take-outs and implications: brands are transcending the need for humanizing endorsers 26
ACTION: Ensure celebrity endorsement is built on a foundation of solid product ideas 28
Back up celebrity marketing with strong sensory attributes 28
Ensure celebrity endorsees are in sync with core product ideas and values 29
Controversial figures are not necessarily bad for business 29
ACTION: Offer glimpses into celebrities' personal lives 30
Accessibil ity and direct contact can reinforce the brand messages of both the celebrity and the product 32
ACTION: Exploit the continuing growth in ""branded brands"" 32
ACTION: Bring celebrities into the boardroom to add credibility 33
ACTION: Tap into the next generations of celebrities - experts and ""celebrity"" products 34
Example: within personal care, ""Doctor Brands"" represent the next wave of high credibility endorsements 34
Learn from the example of products that have achieved virtual celebrity status 34
Make celebrities want to be seen with your product 35
Methodology 36
Further reading and references 36
Ask the analyst 36
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List of Figures
Figure 1: Celebrity marketing is driven and inhibited by eight key factors 10
Figure 2: Consumer responses (% of total) to celebrity versus non-celebrity advertising in terms of awareness, likeability and overall liking/reaction to advertising 12
Figure 3: Consumer reactions (% of total) to celdbrity versus non-celebrity ad messages 14
Figure 4: Authenticity is built on six core attributes 18
Figure 5: Celebrity-created brands case study: Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo Tequila 19
Figure 6: Celebrity-created brands case study: Paul Newman and Newman's Own 20
Figure 7: Case Study: Examples from Trendhunter Magazine's Top 10 Celebrity Products of 2007 22
Figure 8: Case study: Apple has emerged as a leader among brands in achieving celebrity status 25
Figure 9: Watchmaker Omega exemplifies successful matching of diverse celebrities to its brand 29
Figure 10: Case Study: Sean John demonstrates that celebrity branding can survive controversy 30
Figure 11: Case Study: AmEx's campaign featuring Ellen Degeneres taps into consumers' desire to know more about stars' personal lives 31
Figure 12: Case Studies: success ful examples of celebrity CPG ""branded brands"" 33

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