How to Make Money Online - a Guide for Beginners - Part 3 - Using Pay Per Click (ppc)

Using pay per click advertising is a vital tool for anyone looking to make money online. In this article, I discuss the key areas required for effective PPC advertising. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC scheme and there are a number of factors that determine the success or failure of any AdWords campaign.

Before beginning a campaign you must have clearly defined goals for example are you trying to send customers to a review page of an affiliate product your advertisment will not be aimed at selling the product but designed to encourage click throughs to the review page.

The aim of PPC is to drive targeted traffic to a specific page where a pre-sell via a review or a direct sell is made, a % of which you receive as commission. The amount of people who see your advert is dependant on the popularity of the keywords you choose. More popular keywords attract more competitors and push the advertisng price up, however may provide grea ter opportunity for making money online.

To make money online the most important aspects of a Google AdWords campaign include:

" Keyword selection. In general terms the more targeted the keyword, the better. You'll get less click throughs but they will be from people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

" Advertisement. The headline is the most important aspect. Make sure that it relates to the keywords you have chosen to bid on - this will help keep the advertising cost lower.

" Display URL. The more relevant this appears to be to the keywords you're bidding on, the greater chances of a click. For example if you are selling dvd copy software the name of the software should be used.

" Landing page URL. This needs to be specific to your keywords and advertisement. If you're bidding on Madonna then you shouldn't be sending people to a page about trainspotting. If it's not relevant Google will penalise you by charging a lot more per click.

" Budget. How much are you willing to pay per click? Estimate how many visitors it will take for a single conversion (sale) start of around 1% and work out from your commission how much you can afford to pay and s till make money.

For example: If your commission is $30 per sale at conversion rate of 1% that means that every 100 clicks = 1 sale.
Therefore $30/100 or $30 x (1/100) = $0.30 pay per click is break even so a figure less than this for advertising is required to make a profit.

" Daily Budget. The amount of money you are willing to spend in a 24 hour period. Keep in mind that if you're making money, it's okay to spend money.

These are just some of the basics associated with creating a successful AdWords campaign. The truth of the matter is that being able to consistently make money online with Google AdWords takes knowledge and experience. The more you work with pay per click advertising, the better results you'll have.

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