How to make Money from Home with Network Marketing

In affiliate network marketing, two marketing strategies are combined to achieve a more profitable and effective result.

These two marketing strategies are affiliate marketing and network marketing.

If you are thinking about starting your own online business and need tips for working from home, affiliate network marketing might be the thing for you.

Read on to get a more detailed idea on what affiliate networking marketing is.

What Is Network Marketing?

In network marketing or MLM, (Multi-level-marketing) many independent distributors who connected in a certain network distribute certain products, which they bought before for a lower price from the end selling company.

The difference between the price for which they bought the product and the price for which they sell it to consumers is their own earnings. The company, which sells their products to independent distributors, also pays them a commission for getting more people to become distributors. Some distributors who were attracted by original distributors called first level distributors.

First level distributors pay a certain commission of their sales to the original distributor. Theoretically, these levels are endless in network marketing, so there can be fourth-level distributors and so on. The original distributors will still earn money from the sales of these fourth-level distributors.

Network marketing is already very successful for online sales but affiliate network marketing is even more promising in terms of profit and growth.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, products distributed by independent affiliates refer to a product, or sell it directly from their website. The company pays affiliates a commission each time a sale is closed through the affiliate's site.

What Is Affiliate Network Marketing?

By combining network marketing with affiliate marketing, affiliate network marketing combines two strong marketing approaches and shows a greater result than both marketing strategies used independently.

In affiliate marketing, the affiliates often do not make significant profit from broadening and strengthening the network of affiliates who advertise for the same or for similar products.

However, in affiliate network marketing, affiliates can earn a great deal more by introducing new affiliates to the affiliate program and getting commissions each time these new affiliates sell the product. When these new affiliates bring new distributors to the network, the original affiliates will earn from those as well.

If you are planning to become an affiliate, then affiliate network marketing may be the right way for you to make a living. Business analysts see a great future for this method of earning money online and by working from home.

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