How to Find Your Passion - The Key to Your Success!

I found that people really do want to earn extra money, start a business or provide a service, they just can not find their passion. So they go shopping, get on the phone and gossip or lay on the couch and look at the football game, or whatever sport that happens to be on.

Passion is the love for what you are doing.

For many people the scenario goes like this. Every time a new money making idea comes alone, they jump on board. They feel really good about the new money making opportunity for a month or two, sometimes longer.

When stress and problems arise in their new business venture, like in any new project, they give up, until the next money making opportunity comes alone.

These same people may feel pressured to find a way to generate more income, so they often move too quickly on opportunities that were promoted using emotional response buttons such as fear, greed, pride, etc.

Family members laugh and look at each other when this particular family member comes up with another business idea and expects them to be excited about the newest venture.

The family member, in question, feels the laughter behind his back and perhaps starts to loose confidence. For sure he limits his conversations with family members about his newest business opportunities.

If you fit the description that has been described, do not to worry. The cure is to find your passion, and this may be easier said then done.

Passion is like a built in fire from within that gives you inner strength, patients, determination and a knowingness that you will succeed. Passion provides an unconditional love for what you are doing. Regardless of the ups and downs presented, passion helps you to see your way clearly

Because I am not professionally trained in how to help others find their passion, my help is limited.

The way I found my passion was to meditate on what I was suppose to be doing in life. Each day I would spend 20 to 30 minutes in a deep relaxed state, looking into my self and summarizing my abilities and my likes and dislikes, to find a common denominator.

After reading about others, I found that many people do not accept their calling right away. It is funny, it seems that people often run from any resemblance of their true passion, years before they surrender to the passion.

And perhaps another reason for my delay in finding my passion is, a decade ago when I was making my 10 year plan - the Internet was not fully developed. How could any of us, who earn a living online, have known that some phase of the Internet would be our passion?

There are many roads leading to your passion. Each and every business opportunity that you became involved with, taught you something. It is like taking courses at a junior college. The class is for only for a semester and so was your business venture.

Do not worry, when you stumble across your passion, your family members will not be laughing when you send a limo to pick them up for a dinner party at you new home!

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