How to Find the Next Big Small Business Ideas

You're about to discover a unique well of small business ideas. Small business ideas which work, which will make you money, which will allow your business to define itself and claim it's place on the success map.

So if you want a business to generate the income to pay for your dream lifestyle, or you're searching for the next killer app to make a dent in the universe, or anything in between. This is the answer.

Ask the usual suspects where to find small business ideas and they'll tell you the usual misguided garbage. They over complicate believing you have to pull the next facebook out of the ether, when in fact its much simpler when you understand the real truth to success.

What does every successful business have in common. I mean really?

They provide one of two things.

They either solve a problem or they fulfill a desire. Which may be just one category of solving problems, and I wouldn't argue with you on that.

Why? Because human beings or even other businesses are driven by the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

And of course pain is caused by problems. And the raw material for ideas is the solution to ending the pain, to eradicating the problem. Your small business ideas must be centered around solving a problem, and this will give you the surest and fastest path to success.

How do you decide which problem? Where are these problems hiding waiting to be addressed?

Radical answer - they're in YOU!

What are the problems you face? What is it you want to achieve, that you're not achieving, or not achieving fast enough?

Even better, think of problems from your past which you have solved. You discovered a means to resolve, destroy, jump over or crawl under. The solution you found is the idea for your business.

Everyone thinks no one else has their problem. They're not. If you have faced a problem, I guarantee others have also faced and are right now trying to deal with it. They are begging for a solution and trying to seek one out.

So if you can package your solution, you have a profitable business. So instead of continually searching for small business ideas, you can now focus on taking your business to market.

Of course depending on the problem there may be more or less people wanting a solution.

But you can easily check that out with some basic on-line research.

Now you can ignore the misguided advice on finding small business ideas. And start looking for small business ideas in the right place. Your history!

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