10 Small Business Ideas and how to benefit from them now!

Seems everyone is looking for a list of these days for ideas on how to make money on, and the top 10 small business ideas to ponder the times evolved. Current list has some of the old with a twist, and some new opportunities for those who are willing to embrace the new frontier of online entrepreneurship.

1. Direct Mail. An oldie but a goody, direct mail is making a big comeback lately such as smart marketers have realized that the competition has all but disappeared. With the popularity of email and other online marketing methods have grown many marketers bored with the picturesque old letter or postcard. Industry analysts have estimated that traditional direct-mail marketing actually with more than 60% in the past ten years has decreased only.

2. Network Marketing. MLM or multilevel Marketing, Network Marketing is also known as even though the design evolved from marketing Craze. No longer the "bother your family and friends" type of MLM business model, shoulder to shoulder has embraced new marketing formulas with a passion.

3. CPA-not your accountant, but when they talk about IM'ers speaking of CPA cost Per Action offers where they can earn money simply by convincing consumers to complete an offer, often times for no charging. CPA money making technique literally have proliferated in the last 3 years and has become one of the most popular small business ideas of the Decade. Covering virtually every conceivable niche, making millionaires out of ordinary CPA offer affiliate marketers.

4. Affiliate Marketing. Although affiliate marketing is been around for almost 20 years now, at least online, it is still strong and is still the preferred income producer among those striving to make money online. As a small business model is hard to beat. No overhead, no products in stock, and often times not Eve a website is required.

5. Site flipping. Ste flipping also has gained widespread popularity in the past few years as a viable way to make a full-time income from home spread. Many Web designers will just crank out a an impressive looking website in a particular niche and sell it for a quick $ 200 at many of the top IM forums. Others will develop a website until it is to get traffic, and generate income, and sell it for several thousand dollars, often in the high 6 figures.

6. Online services. Don't want to create a link wheel itself (assuming you even know what a linkwheel is or does) then just hire someone. Many IM to find qualified SEO forums have a service area, webservice, backlinking, article writing and each service can think of. What skills you have can be sold for some quick money somewhere.

7. article writing. Those with a passion for writing now will find a hungry crowd wiling to pay good money for their skills. In addition, many internet marketers use article marketing by themselves to valuable targeted traffic to their affiliate and CPA offers. Not to mention MLM and network marketing opportunities.

8. Pay Per Click. PPC is yet another way to virtually anything, digital or physical products market. AdWords, MSN/Bing and Yahoo all have pay per click opportunities that allow anyone to easily and effectively buy targeted traffic to their listings.

9. JPA. Not to be confused with PPC, pay per view is a relatively new traffic generation model where marketers can literal steal traffic meant for other websites. So controversial as effective, many marketers try their hand on PPV. Prefect for list building and low cost or even free CPA offers, JPA offers a chance for cheap traffic and often time huge profits.

10. Info-products. Last, but definitely not least in the 10 most popular small business models is the ability to quickly, indeed sometimes overnight, an information product (aka info product) make and sell it for under $ 20 for often time some quick profits.

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